Monday, September 12, 2016

The Children of Aleppo

If the white witch waves her magic wand,
will the children of Aleppo dry their tears?
The rubble, stones and crumbled bricks re-form
from the detritus of war these many years?
If  her bag of charms holds an antidote for war
that she has been loathe to put to use thus far,
waiting for humans to be better than we are,
may she use it now, pour balm on every scar.

She casts her spell, knowing her illness will be swift,
but she's obliged to use her powers well, or lose the gift.

for Brendan's intriguing prompt at Real Toads: to write about a bag of charms. This led me to look up white witches, who use their powers for good, and often fall ill or weak after doing so. But they are "obliged to use the power or lose the gift." I could have written more, but the prompt is ten lines or less, an extra challenge.


  1. Oh, this is poignant,Sherry. If only the white witch could work miracles.

  2. Oh yes, please use it. This wrings my heart, Sherry. xx

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  4. Sad sad prayerful poem, thanks, sherry. K.

  5. "may she use it now (her bag of charms), pour balm on every scar"
    Such a hopeful line, Sherry, if only there were such a White Fairy. Well, ... Perhaps there is.

  6. so i wish that magic wand of hers works...

  7. I really hope she will use it... but maybe it will have to solve it ourselves.

  8. Nice message.
    It as been my experience spirits get better.

  9. I wish she would use it or we would learn only love will end war.


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