Friday, September 16, 2016

Waking From the Dream

In the 60's and 70's
we were wide-eyed, long-haired 
barefoot children,
full of love and peace,
placing flowers in gun barrels,
saying Hell no, we won't go
to the war machine.
Walls were crumbling.
Consciousness was expanding.
Almost, we changed the world.

The status quo, challenged, 
was alarmed and fearful.
One by one, we watched
our golden heroes fall
to assassins' bullets.
Our dreams went fast asleep;
the status quo regained its footing,
and it wore heavy boots.

Now, we awaken to the nightmare.

Yet, I ponder:
if the global consciousness has created
what we're living now,
so could it create
a world of social justice.

I feel consciousness accelerating 
on the planet,
see the Rainbow Children  
arriving in response.
We might yet stand together
as 7.4 billion souls longing for
a peaceful, balanced world.

But the clock is ticking.
Can dreams happen


  1. A powerfully drawn message of hope and change: a harkening back and a call to activism. For me, the images of the peace movement, were very evocative. The demise of that movement from a world wide call and momentum for change to tiny embers of advocacy, is achingly sad ... though there are embers, still - and the dream that what once might-have-been may yet come to pass.

  2. I hope that we all get to stand again--with flowers all around us-and bees too--it is a hope that needs fulfillment

  3. This is so true!
    All in all I believe in the rainbow

  4. those on the other side of the rifle didn't disappear as the flowers took hold.

    they went underground to fester.

    and here comes the pus, now.

    I wonder if there is time enough in the sun to disinfect ~


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