Friday, May 6, 2016

The Animals of Fort Mac

This is one dog who got out ~
on a plane out of Fort McMurray,
where the wildfires rage on
 photo by Derek Allen

The bears are coming down from the mountains,
into the town. They have nowhere else to go.
In the subdivisions, through the smoke and flames,
people can hear dogs barking frantically,
animals left behind in the haste of fleeing.

100 animals were abandoned at a boarding kennel,
when an evacuation order came with no time to spare.

Dogs bark in cars abandoned
by the side of the road,
as the flames come closer and the people flee.

But Fort Mac is rallying.
There are shelters to care for abandoned animals,
rescue groups searching for 
the lost and missing fur babies left behind.
Many of them will be rescued.
For many others, it is too late.
They haunt my dreams
and break my heart.

God bless those who don't forget the animals,
at such a time.

God bless the Fort McMurray Animal Rescue group, and the rescue groups all across Alberta, who are uniting to help the terrified critters of Fort McMurray:
Fort McMurray Fire Emergency Animal Assistance

source: Metro News


  1. OMG. I'm glad you are right here, on alert, waking us all and cheering the rescuers on.

  2. Spoken with true compassion, Sherry. Can't understand why people would leave their animals behind, unless it was an immediate must flee situation.
    Don't understand that at all.

  3. Such a heart-breaking situation. I am sure many of us desperately wish we could help... even though we are far away.

  4. Your post is a waking call for all of us...It's true they leave them behind because they can not question you, why?

  5. Your post is a waking call for all of us...It's true they leave them behind because they can not question you, why?

  6. all we need is a good heart everywhere these days...sigh...

  7. That is terrible. No matter how fast we would have to flee we would always take our dog (which we do not have yet :-) )

  8. It is all heartbreaking....for the "life" there.

  9. Am crying, as I read this, knowing that for many people, they had no choice. May those, who are lost, be remembered, as part of those, the fire claimed.

  10. Feeling so sad for all that is taking place at Fort McMurray! Am really glad that the rescues have NOT forgotten about the dogs.

  11. Oh Sherry. You may have guessed, I cry at the slightest provocation. Oh, I wish my tears could do some good. Bless those who work so hard to rescue the helpless.


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