Monday, May 30, 2016

A Whisper On the Wind

A small monk
in a crimson robe
releases his prayer of peace
on the back of a pure white bird
in the Himalayas;
it soars up and over the peaks,
floats along on a silver cloud,
hitches a ride on a chugging freighter,
is passed along on the lips of refugees
in a teetering boat,
plays hopscotch among the stars,
then rises with the morning sun,
blanketing this whole, shimmering,
magical green and blue globe
with love.

Can you feel its whisper on the wind?

for Bjorn's prompt at Real Toads: the Butterfly Effect, how something as small as the movement of a butterfly wing can set off a chain reaction that impacts things far away. 


  1. I adore your vision, Sherry.. of the world as it should be.

  2. Oh, I hope his prayer of peace is answered!

  3. Oh I do love how a well-wish can spread, gorgeous imagery.

  4. Oh, I hope o, hope to. Waiting and Watching.

  5. Sherry-- I think I lost comment, but wanted to say how much I liked this vision--with or without dove--the dove personifies that sweetness so well though--lovely-thanks thanks. k.

  6. Yes, we've been hearing the whispers for as long as Hank can remember! We've let the Dalai Lama all by himself to face the hordes! Great lines Sherry!


  7. A beautiful prayer Sherry ~

  8. Oh, YES please. Boy did I need this moment of peace tonight, Sherry. THANK YOU.

  9. and to this i silence the noise by whispering 'ohm' 'ohm' 'ohm' !

  10. I feel as if that pure white bird flew through me as I read this poem -- the wind indeed whispers to you in beautiful verses. Thanks for sharing.


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