Thursday, May 26, 2016

Canuck the Crow

Canuck the Crow lives on Vancouver's Lower East Side. He was helped by one of its citizens when, as a baby bird, he fell out of his nest. Now he is well-known in the community, alighting on peoples' shoulders, and even riding the Skytrain.

On this morning's news, it was reported he got involved in a tense police standoff, where a young man wielding a knife was being taken down by police. Canuck rushed to the young man's assistance and made off with the knife. Police gave chase and eventually did recover the knife. They say the crow is "known to police."

Cracked me right up.

source: and Canuck the Crow, who has his own facebook page. Check it out!


  1. May we all have a friendly bird when we need one. To assure that, we must all become animals who rescue ...

  2. This made me giggle in all sorts of delicious ways, Sherry. Canuck the Crow rocks!

  3. Crow on the run! :-) Criminal crow. How do you read a crow its Miranda's rights?

    Great post.

    Greetings from London.

  4. I was just reading about him, ha ~ I didn't know that he has his own FB ~


  5. Do we see the hints of evolution!!

  6. This crow really seems to enjoy its notoriety. Funny, cute. Cracks me up too.

  7. Canuck the crow can have his own following? Amazing tale Sherry!


  8. Thanks, for the morning cheer, Sherry. Long live Canuck. :)

  9. Love this story, Sherry. Canuck is one sharp crow.


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