Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Not On the Evening News

Steve Jurvetson photo

We won't see it on the evening news,
corporately controlled,
because corporations are not about justice.
They are about profit.
And profit requires an unaware population.

So we won't see on the news
that rivers catch on fire from fracking,
which releases methane into the water,
which can then be set alight.

Ruling powers suppress clean energy inventions,
have done for decades,
fight tooth and claw to maintain
dependence on oil,
cite "the economy",
hope we don't figure out
we don't need oil at all.
Why aren't governments leading
the switch to clean energy,
which would provide
millions of jobs world-wide,
plus give the planet (and us)
a fighting chance?

It isn't on the news that tigers,
(an endangered species),
are "farmed" to make alcohol,
their bones marinated in rice wine
for eager connoisseurs.
They don't want us to know
there are now more farmed tigers
than tigers in the wild,
4000 farmed,
3300 in the wild,
not many, either way.

Does anyone tell the starlet
that an ostrich died
so she could walk the red carpet
with her designer bag?

The big secret not many speak of is
that our immense, beautiful Mother Ocean
is dying: from our dumping, our plastics,
our effluent, pollution, radioactive waste.
Dying from our assumption
that there will always be More,
that our need  (our greed) is paramount.

Has humanity abandoned spaceship earth,
that only human want has any worth?

And, still, it can get worse.

There is a man
who makes my hair stand on end
every time he speaks.
If the unthinkable happens,
and he's the one in charge,
we will truly be up Shit Creek.
And he will be the guy
holding the match.


energy suppression cases:

A rant, after reading about the rivers, the tigers and the ostriches yesterday morning. For Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Secrecy. There is so much the general public doesn't know - that corporations (and governments ruled by corporations) don't want us to know, that I could go on and on.  But this is enough to ponder, for today.


  1. Well, Sherry, I will agree with every word that you wrote. Our Texas politicians, the ones with 'good' lawyers keeping them out of jail, deny Global Climate Change. They have sold out to the gun industry and the NRA. They get enough the don't need to sell their souls, as if theirs was worth any price at all. The worst of the latest dropped from presidential contention last night.
    I write petition letters against fracking and the new unfinished pipeline. I think our president read pipeline letters and has stopped it for now. Wolves? Sad.

  2. Your words, a warning of sadness...

  3. the world was always in the control of the powerful & the 'unaware' ignorant mass always the sufferers...sigh...

  4. OwwOOOOOO! Your rant, your poetry, has the expose we need. On the one hand we have the misdirection of the CEOs and on the other we have to overcome a poet reputation as crazy worriers who enjoy howling. Never mind that worrying and following hunches to research the truth makes people smarter--many seem to prefer temporary benefits from the Owners. Your final image of a reckless man holding the match to blow us all up is powerful.

  5. Sherry. I know what you mean about cutting short your rant. There is so much to rant about when it comes to what is happening in this world. It seems if we dig just a little there is plenty that can shock us about what's happening. I didn't know about tiger farming. Soooo sad.

  6. So true, often the media obscures the truth in the name of profit. Powerfully written.

    Lots of love,

  7. Ah! The big conglomerates rule us all. As a media student, we discuss the terrible side of media and how it stops the flow of information to protect specific interests.

    We have taken so much for granted and wasted the resources... and it's still happening. It's sickening.

    A powerful piece, Sherry, since it makes people more willing to know things.


  8. Yup--sucks and the future is frightening right now--so much truth here--but it makes my stomach churn a bit to read it and take it in

  9. Ah, yes, but we can still resist and change the world. Good call to arms, Mosk

  10. That is so true and truly, we must inform ourselves and speak out. We are being slowly robbed of life and beauty. Thank you for using your gift of poetry for our planet!

  11. Wow! Secrets revealed

    Much love...

  12. As Gil Scott-Heron sang many years ago, the revolution will not be televised. :-) Fab post.

    Greetings from London.

  13. Amazing you mentioned an ostrich handbag. Saw one for the first time a day ago....woman tried to sell me one...I told her it was truly looked looked like the lampshades made out of human skin by the Nazis. She blanched !:)

  14. Sadly many of your readers will nod and agree only to continue supporting the corrupt greedy system unaware because there are not many alternatives. We are dealing with those that live within their own lifespans and disregard anything that happens afterwards. Thank you Sherry for writing such a lucid message for the world.

  15. Sadly so much money is going into the sewer rather than for the care of the earth.

  16. I have been watching documentaries about the dying of our mother earth and its really sad and depressing ~ And farmed tigers are new to me (shocking) ~

  17. It is amazing how quickly all this is going to become irreversible even while a few hold the earth to ransom and control the "progress" narrative. Important thoughts Sherry.

  18. Rant on my friend - yes, these are the hidden secrets that the media doesn't divulge. Where will our world be 7 generations from now?

  19. Nice! Everything that needs to be said, every awarness that everyone should be aware of. We are walking a narrow line right now between protecting what we have left and pushing back on backwards traditions whether corporate or social.

  20. The one good thing is he might be behind a big wall - keeps people out but it also traps idiots in - and didn't know that about tiger farming also - as ever an informed and heartfelt song of humanity

  21. Yes, this same man makes MY hair stand on end....what has happened to sanity!

  22. If the unthinkable happens,
    and he's the one in charge,

    It rings out loud and clear, Sherry! He knocked off Cruz and is on the aggressive trail overly confident
    of himself


  23. People fear change, Sherry, and rather live their lives, in ignorance, with their heads buried, in the sand, like the metaphoric ostrich.

  24. I can't stand the way things are going and the blindness of the nations...not seeing not being's all very sad and stoopid. I hurt for Mother Earth.

  25. This poem is a wake-up call. We have to begin now to work to save both Mother Earth and Mother Ocean. Really liked all of the details you included.

  26. Powerful piece, Sherry! Mother Nature we oppress will become mightier and strike back one day! Let's wake up....

  27. I get into arguments with people denying climate change, I talk to people trying to convince them about changing their lifestyle and reducing the waste they produce, but I feel like the voice in the wilderness, Sherry. It's good to find others who are doing the same. Thankfully we are not alone and the younger generation is becoming wiser at an earlier age... Let's hope it's not too late for the planet!


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