Tuesday, November 24, 2015


UN Relief Agency for Palestine photo

Can you imagine fleeing your home
with the clothes on your back, 
carrying your baby, toddlers clinging to your skirt,
all of you crying, terrified, desperate?


Can you imagine boarding 
an overloaded boat full of desperate people
setting forth on the ocean, seeking refuge,
and by some miracle, arriving on land alive?


Can you imagine your new home is a tent,
with winter coming,
and wondering how you will keep your children
warm and fed and alive?


If you can, as I can,
let us open the doors of our hearts,
let us open our wallets,
donate to help those not yet safe,
welcome those who will soon newly arrive,
help them finally feel the time of survival has passed.
The time for living is now.


There are now 60 million refugees world wide. Half of them are children.

Since war began in Syria in 2011, more than 11 million have died or been forced from their homes. That is half the population.

3.1 million Iraquis have been displaced.

In the Congo, 6 million have been killed, 4 million displaced.

In Gaza, 100,000 have been displaced, and 80% of the population needs external assistance.

In South Sudan,  1.6 million have been displaced, 755,000 have left the country.

The list goes on. But it is in one terrified, desperate face, that we see the whole story.


Thankfully, midst the terror and devastation, there are many stories of people rising in response ~ to help, to rescue, to reassure, to welcome the suffering. This keeps me going. In the worst of times, the best of what it is to be human shines forth to illuminate the darkness and keep us from despair. Here is one video I saw on facebook that moved me greatly.  One small group of smiling humans. Bless them.

source of statistics:  https://www.mercycorps.org/articles/its-not-just-syria-refugee-crisis-60-million-and-growing

for Susan's Midweek Motif at Poets United on Wednesday: Survival


  1. It could be even worse - they could arrive in Australian waters and end up not in a tent but a prison. (Many of us are ashamed of what our Government is doing.)

    1. And here in the states, governors of the various states are getting together and stating if "these people" are allowed in this country, they will not allow them to enter "their" state. I too am ashamed of the reaction in this supposedly free country.

  2. Opening doors will have to start with the heart. And I can imagine every detail AND living instead of merely surviving. Thanks.

  3. This is such a moving poem Sherry... I agree the time is now to let these people know that we are with them.. our hearts are open with help ready to be extended.

  4. Put in perspective the notion of survival really is relative...i can imagine but it is very hard to really feel something that all too many but very few of us actually have to experience - it is indeed a godsend that people help in anyway they can..a powerful and heartfelt poem Sherry

  5. Very strong message here. I agree with Susan. Opening the heart has to happen before the doors are open.

  6. You have spoken truth.

    Let judgement lie with the Master. The choices to turn away people is never easy but it may boil down to: Do I take you home and we all die or do I save my family? It is a horrifying time not one person asked for. I understand both sides...and I pray a lot.

  7. Such a beautiful and noble thought, Sherry. We must help the needy, in whatever simple or large way we can.
    You have done complete justice to this prompt.

  8. And survival is hard but opening hearts is harder. The fear of allowing terrorists into this country and using innocent refugees as the excuse to not let them in is horrible. I guess these people who don't want to give admittance to those only wanting a safe place to feed and nurture their children forget there are already terrorists in this country who are not innocent and probably one of their co-workers doesn't hit their peanut brains.

  9. This a wonderful post Sherry. Let us hope that in countries where the politicians have such negative attitudes to the crisis and the compassion needed the voters will remember that at election time.

  10. I imagine it must be a very difficult in a time of uncertainty. We can hope some sort of resolutions can be found to ease everyone's concerns. Fear is the stronghold.

  11. I can't imagine their journey ~ But I am thankful that our country is doing something about them and giving them another chance ~ Moving share Sherry ~

  12. the time of survival has passed.
    The time for living is now.

    If only this is possible. One sees refugees who have all the reasons to live. They will claw their way back in order to live.


  13. These truths can never be stated enough and you have done so beautifully!

  14. So heartfelt and well expressed Sherry

  15. Where the world is heading to? So much violence, intolerance and tears:-(
    Powerful words, beautifully expressed, Sherry...

  16. Great video. God bless the good Samaritans. God bless the kind people of Greece. I heard the ex finance Minister of Greece when asked why Greece in its present terrible poverty takes and helps these people...he said when a person comes bleeding and battered knocking on your front door...how can you turn them away...you must help them...

  17. a sad day indeed and extreme test of survival for refugees
    a pointed no-nonsense write

    and, thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love...

  18. the world has gone - or has always been -mad ~

  19. Yes indeed, Sherry, it is only when we place ourselves in their predicament that we can begin to imagine what it must be like... Well-penned!


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