Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Landing in Sicily

His folks saw him off on the train,
their eldest son,
with ten dollars in his pocket.
It was all they could manage.
He worked his way to England and joined the RAF,
once was honoured to hold the Canadian flag 
during a presentation 
to the Queen.

My Grandma's handwriting 
on the back of the photo informs
"LaVergne in France".
He wrote the family a letter, 
in late summer,
about landing in Sicily.
"We walked through the vineyards
in the afternoon sun,
picking grapes as we passed.
Dusty, but that can be washed off........."

He had a sensitive, honourable soul.
He never spoke of the war,
but his eyes hinted at memories ~
things he wished he had never seen.

He came home to his pretty wife, 
his baby daughter.
They were The Three Bears.
"Ready, Mama Bear?" he'd ask,
with a twinkle in his eye,
when it was time to go.

All Greta had to do was take a cigarette
out of her pack, tap it, 
and he'd swoop, her gallant knight,
across the room to light it
with a flourish.

We all dreamed of finding
a gallant knight like him.

One of the finest of men,
whom life disappointed
towards the end,
he set the standard high for me,
was the blueprint
for my dream man.
To him and to every other soldier,
who emerged from the trenches 
and walked the long hard miles of war,
we say:
We will never forget.
We will always remember.

My uncle, LaVergne Marr

I long for a time when it is peace we are remembering.


  1. Beautiful pics and a beautiful tribute. k.

  2. "He never spoke of the war,
    but his eyes hinted at memories..."

    So very powerful. So very true.

  3. What a wonderful Veterans' Day share. I enjoyed learning about your uncle, Sherry. He sounds like quite a man!

  4. A rare name . Thanks for this peek at his inner being


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