Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Letting Go

Traveler looks at the last brittle leaf
clinging to a time-bent bough,
a blaze of colour,
in the moment before it curls up,
falls to the ground, blows away.

It whispers its message to her,
this just-before-winter of her life,
when she most wants to hold on
to all that has never been more dear:

"Yours has always been 
the Traveler's path ~
Let go.
Let go."

Posted for C.C.'s prompt at dVerse: a poem to do with traveling. Traveler has written many traveling poems - here is one more.


  1. Its so hard to let go but eventually at some point in our journey, we must ~

    Btw, we are having some lovely warm autumn weather here ~

    Thanks for joining in Sherry and wishing you happy week ~

  2. This has a kind of sadness to it, Sherry. I do hope that you do not 'let go' any too soon! I think the leaf is also whispering, "there is still time, there is still time.'

  3. Mmmm. A lovely moment to be mindful of nature and self.

  4. I realized today, I will be 64 in a couple of weeks. I do not think of being in the autumn of my life but I suppose I am. I should truly just let go and the wind take me on to new adventures and horizons in my life to come. I think this is such a lovely poem - a traveling poem of real life.

  5. Stunning image and words Sherry.. though I'm reading it more as a "Let's go" poem.. a positive call to many more adventures for the traveller...beautiful.

    1. You are a good reader. I meant it not as letting go of this life, but letting go of the wish to control it, to allow myself to flow with the universe's plan for me.

  6. Gosh that's good. The traveller's path and the journey on and yet the need to let go of it all - this really resonates with me. Suzanne of Art and Life

  7. A very thoightful and honest poem, Sherry-- we sure do want to hang on. Thanks. K.

  8. I love the sound and image of a time bent bow.

  9. This beautiful poem of yours reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: "All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."--Havelock Ellis

  10. I definitely sense a traveler's heart in you, Sherry. The way you put the last lines in quotes somehow made it more poignant. Such talent!

  11. Do we ever cease travelling... ? I think this is what life and spirit is all about.. what a wonderful contemplation Sherry...

  12. Never too early
    or late
    to let go..
    as now
    then ever
    now free more..:)

  13. This is stunning! Love the reference to nature and how the leaves must fall.. indeed we all must let go at some point. Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  14. Yours has always been
    the Traveler's path ~

    Yes, Sherry! Go and blaze the trail. It is not to hold back and a dream fulfilled!


  15. We always try so hard to hold on, don't we? You release a sense of freedom here, Sherry... a wise traveler's poem.

  16. I love when the fates blow in unexpected directions.
    Thanks for stopping by to comment about my peace globes. I'm past deadline but something told me to visit here and wow, a fellow Canadian kindred spirit. I'm almost moved to the island but ended up in New York! This poem spoke to me. Would you grant me permission to create a photo quote with it and post it on my other blog Boomer Muse with links and attribution? Email me at layla@laylamorganwilde.com Thanks.

  17. Thanks Sherry for your email and permission to post. Here's what I made from your poem. Hope you like it. http://laylamorganwilde.com/the-magic-recipe-for-the-holiday-season-is-letting-go/


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