Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mu Shu Duck

Mandarin Ducks
by Margaret Bedford

The cherry blossoms have long since fallen and faded,
as have I,
yet still I remember a meal of
Mandarin Mu Shu Duck
with the young Canadian soldier,
who made me blush with his every glance.

He makes me blush, still,
each time I eat Mu Shu,
remembering those moon-drenched evenings
under the pink blossoms,
their fragrance, so perfect, so fleeting,
as short as a duck's life
in a land of hungry people.

for Margaret's prompt at Real Toads : I took my inspiration from her wonderful photo of the Mandarin Ducks , photographed at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn. The story, needless to say, is fictional. Don't I wish it weren't, LOL.


  1. Oh, come on, Sherry, admit it's true. Aduck's life is quite short in the land of the hungry. Brilliant imagination if not true. Fantastic poem either way!

  2. I have to admit I love duck, yet when I see their grace it seems hard to eat such creatures.

  3. Terrific poem, yet in one way I'm glad it was fictional. Don't like to think of these beautiful creatures as food.

  4. I just found out last night that ducks are among the 3% of birds that have penises. Well fuck a duck, I didn't know that.

    I loved your description of your soldier, imaginary or not.

  5. Fictional or otherwise it certainly is one nice to have happened. Love this kind of stories Sherry!


  6. Oh I couldnt eat one either. It's just a story.

  7. Gosh, this is perfect, start to finish. I loved it!

  8. How romantic. I really enjoyed this.

  9. I loved it, real or seemed real to me, in my imagination! Beautifuly done!

  10. Nice, keep on blushing, keep good memories alive, i also choose the Time Travel prompt

    much love...

  11. Love ducks! Not so much eating them! :) Great poem!

  12. oh i hoped that it was not fictional - wonderfully romantic - and hey - who knows...

  13. Beautiful scene - I love the way the emotion lingers. :)

  14. if that's fiction you have a future writing steamy novels, Sherry ~


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