Monday, July 21, 2014


child of an anti-war activist in Palestine

Weep like a Palestinian, 
as the bombs rain down
and the structure crumbles.
Weep like the small child 
sitting beside his wounded mother,
his two years having been spent in terror,
knowing no safe place,
all life in peril.

Weep for the displaced and the hated
who, when they find a homeland,
hate and displace their neighbors, in turn.
Weep because Otherness is all that is seen,
and not our shared humanity,
our shared longing for peace,
for life.

Weep, for the turning of the centuries, 
hate upon hate,war upon war,
as humans, unawakened, 
come from fear and hate and power,
and never seem to find another way
to live on this land together.

Weep, because this earth was given to us
as a gift, to live on in harmony,
nature and every living creature,
and look what humanity has wrought:
a fallen, clamoring, toxic, warring  Eden.

Weep for the angels that fall 
from the sky in planes,
in a world where geniuses 
discovered how to fly,
then other minds 
devised their deadly rockets.

Weep for the beauty of this world,
for hearts yearning for peace
in the midst of war,
and for the proven folly
of ever thinking
anything but further hatred 
can ever be won
with bombs. 

Weep because,
wherever God lives,
He must be weeping too,
at the slaughtering of his children
of every color, race and faith.


  1. I cried while reading this. It's so true. thanks Sherry. The world is forever at war with each other. Why?

  2. I do weep and my heart bleeds knowing of the suffering going on around the world. Thank you for addressing this Sherry.

  3. wherever God lives,
    He must be weeping too...


  4. Sherry,

    You have admirably included the thoughts I have too, in your poetic words. Such a sad world, with failings becoming more heartless and severe...I know from my homeland of Northern Ireland, a taste of bigotry and the fear from other citizens..Unbearable.
    Thank you for your reality calling, Sherry.

  5. Oh, Sherry! This really touches on so many levels of heartache~ Bravo, for going there!

  6. A true Fall from Paradise...don't know where the Savior is....

  7. Weep like the Bedouins hit by a rocket from Gaza-

    1. Good point, suffering and tragedy on both sides. And peace will never be achieved as long as the bombs and missiles are raining down.

  8. yes i think he is weeping.. and he sees so much more of all the terrible things going on in this world than we ever will.. i love how your heart shines through here.. and i wish there was a way to peace..

  9. Oh yes, we weep. And God must weep. I can't help but thinking how peeved (I'd use another word but it is God) he is that humans us religion as an excuse for such atrocity. That second to last stanza got to me.

  10. "look what humanity has wrought:
    a fallen, clamoring, toxic, warring Eden." - a powerful, heart-rending line of poetry.

  11. Sherry, so beautifully written and expressed - I have no words any longer to describe the inhumanity, the horror - thank you for having the words - K


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