Wednesday, July 2, 2014


This is a google image, close to what we saw,
but it was closer to us than this one-
maybe two  to three yard-lengths away,
above some low trees.

Out back, it is bare brown desert, rolling for miles,
sheltering beside low, rounded brown hills.
The landscape is unmarred by buildings, 
a few scattered small houses, sky wide and clear.
It is dusk when the neighbors come knocking,
excited, urging us, "Quick! Come and see!
There's something out back, something weird, a UFO!"

The kids and I line up, beside the neighbors.
Off a little ways, hovering over the field,
just above some trees,
emitting no noise, to indicate engines
or whatever is keeping it there,
is a round craft of some sort,
looking like something out of Star Trek.

It hovers there in one spot for some 40 minutes,
making no sound, apparently observing.
I call the police, who say 
they have received many calls from people
seeing the same thing.
They have no idea what it is.

My son, age ten,  is frantically setting up his telescope,
muttering like the Absent Minded Professor:
"Ohmygawd, ohmygawd, ohmygawd, it's a UFO,
I cant believe it. Wait!  I can see something!
It's the ring around Saturn!
Oh!'s the reflection 

of my eyeball in the lens cap."

We all crack up,
standing on the porch.

Six humans, lined up on the porch,
we observe the aliens.
Presumably, from inside the spacecraft,
the aliens, hovering,  observe us.
After 40 minutes, still without sound,
the craft drifts slowly off, 
sideways and away.

Our first and only UFO.

For Susan's prompt at MidWeek Motif - halfway point of the year or World UFO Day

Since our family saw a UFO in the late 1970's, I chose that topic. For anyone who believes, the most riveting movie I ever saw about UFO's is The Fourth Kind, a true story, which includes some actual footage of UFO  visitations and abductions in Alaska, in the 1980's. Yikes.

This is more prose than poetry, but am running out the door....may try a more poetic offering later.


  1. Hey! I love how you sneaked the name "Marr" in there! This is such a vivid poem, I can see it. Love the dialogue and action. I'm curious: Did you write poetry before that happened?

    1. I just watched the trailer for The Fourth Kind --yikes! here's the link:

  2. oh goodness...i would be a mess as well...ha...i have seen ghosts but never a UFO or aline...that i know of....that would be awesome....will check out that movie as well...

  3. Prose is good too. I enjoyed your story and your son's funny response to such an exciting happening.

  4. enjoyed the poem sherry...loved the conversation and action in this very nice:)

  5. I believe I believe..and we are clapping our hands...the world needs a sense of wonder..why would we have porches otherwise...the image of your son made me that age the world can be remarkable...

  6. words throbbing with excitement...enjoyed every bit of the poem..

  7. I saw one, too...about 2 1/2 yrs. ago. Looked like a silver cigar, in clear blue NM sky.

  8. My favourite part of this is the "We see you, you see us" moment.

  9. Wow, Sherry, I am truly impressed that you saw a UFO. And so many of you did. I don't doubt your experience, am in awe of it. I really do not know what to believe. Space is so vast, how can there not be other life out there?

  10. I guess you cannot forget such a sighting! Interesting that so many people saw it too and yet these things are still largely unexplained.

  11. What an experience Sherry ~ Sometimes I am skeptical of their sightings but really I do wonder if other life and beings exist in another time & space ~ So much mystery still out there ~

  12. A very good story to be able to tell.

  13. For 40 mins and so many witnesses. The police ought to have believed and should be there immediately! You have been lucky to have seen it Sherry!


  14. what a presentation...what an experience to share...Lovely

  15. Wow, that must have been some experience, Sherry. I also saw that movie. I felt bad for the woman, whose name I cannot remember now.

    Pamela ox

  16. Lovely poem that shares a story, or experience!

  17. Love the story and the images you've created, Sherry!
    Funny and always the same questions of safety and security emerge along with welcoming feelings...

  18. Love this!! So, you have actually seen it! Great write, Sherry.
    I do believe that there is an intelligent life out there in the universe, but the space between us is so vast, that I doubt we'll ever meet...:(

  19. Way cool! Too many of the unusual occurances in our world are written off as "crazy."
    Great poem - what an experience.

  20. I'd love to have witnessed that! ~


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