Friday, July 4, 2014


Spirit Walkers
lovers of the land
walking on Mother Earth with reverence
in harmony with all that is
wisdom-keepers, holding the ancient ways
of those who lived in harmony with nature
for ten thousand years

incomprehensible to them
when the ghost-walkers arrived
taking life from the earth without regard
giving nothing back,
no limits to greed and destruction,
banning prayer, prohibiting language,
trying to eradicate a culture
the word we  are  too guilty to speak: genocide
the social structure we are 
too embarrassed to recognize: apartheid

driven from the beloved homeland
they watered the Trail of Tears
with their sorrow, their blood, their bones
Those who survived bequeathed a strong spirit
to those who followed after,
though it took a hundred years for despair to abate
enough for the warrior spirit
to arise

Now watch those Rainbow Warriors, rising
strong in spirit, in culture
listen to the beating of the drums
rallying, vibrating across this land
hear their songs, see their dances
hear them speaking, strong in their message:
We are awake.
We are Idle No More.

The spirits from the ancestors
who walked that Trail of Tears
are standing with the warriors
and are clamoring to be heard:

You have lived wantonly on Mother Earth,
reaping destruction, without thought
for the seven generations ahead.
Awaken! Bring your souls out of hiding.
Ready your hands and hearts to till and replant,
mend and restore the Earth Mother.
Repair the devastation,
before we all are lost.


  1. if only we could hear their message...something has to give in the next couple years...our population explosions is exponentially increasing our CO2 production...the amount of cars on the road...the lack of fresh water...its all going to catch us soon enough...we need more reverence for the earth...

  2. What a powerful poem, it brought tears to my is so simple but says it all.
    "Repair the devastation,
    before we all are lost.." This is not about worshiping the Earth, it is about allowing life to continue...I loved this piece, Sherry! :)

  3. I hope we don't wait to reincarnate as one of those warriors from the proverb. I think we need to become those warriors now. Imagine if we all did our share.
    Your thoughts are always provoking Sherry, in a good way.

  4. In Canada right now there are severe storms, even tornadoes, that we never used to get. There is major flooding across the prairies – due to severe and unusual weather patterns, excessive rain, rising rivers – the entire province of Manitoba has been declared in a state of emergency. They said on the news “this is what global warming looks like”......unusual for mainstream news..........everything needs to be rolled back...we are already twenty years late.

  5. unfortunately those that hold the golden spoon do no heed the 'howling of the wolf' or warning whistle ot the spirits breath. 'we' must take their spoon away, scream, yell and stomp to call attention to the critical need to immediately redirect our human efforts to try to mitigate the damage done. we must correct, somehow, our wrongs we've imparted on our young and go forth and do what we must to salvage what 'mother earth' we have left.

    once again, to all of us who have a voice, a platform, we must speak out

    wonderful 'howl' as always, mi amiga

  6. You give them voice, Sherry! You definitely have a calling.

  7. several dear friends are ancestors of those dear souls.
    Their story is caught on the winds in your words, Sherry.

  8. I hope you are right, Sherry, that the Rainbow people rise ~

  9. People are capable of making so much noise that they can hear nothing but their own voices. It is so sad. Thanks, Sherry. K.


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