Friday, July 25, 2014


This poem is white lightning
in a gunmetal sky, 
striking a lone twisted pine
on cracked parched earth,
the tree briefly aflame, 
then ashes.

This poem is a small autistic boy
with no speech, a big will,
an aging grandmother,
and Tomorrow looming.

This poem is an old woman
pondering two unrelated thoughts,
primed at a faltering pump, 
and glistening with life's tears,
because the story 
in all three stanzas 
is the same.

for dverse where Claudia  encourages us to use strong metaphors without employing "like" or "as". I chose Hannah's boomerang metaphor form as the easiest way to do this.


  1. lightning...the authistic boy and the old woman... and how each story weaves into the other... cool sherry

  2. Sherry I love this. The fact that each story is the same, life with tears and struggles, flamesl and hopes. This poem just struck me like the lightening you describe. I guess that was your intention.

  3. Oh, Sherry. This piece moved me so that I have a lump in my throat. It is just exquisite in its poignancy.

  4. This piece definitely strikes powerfully. Each stanza is stunning.

  5. The story is the same...the same, poignant story. Wonderful Sherry. x

  6. isolation rimmed with chaos, life's inequities, impermanence eloping with randomness; the same yet different; all striking, stunning, thought-provoking.

  7. the poem has the brilliance of that flash but the images stay forever...

  8. This is excellent, Sherry! I particularly like how you tied the three stanzas at the end.

  9. I love the use of Hannah's form specially the last stanza ~ Good one Sherry ~

  10. I still haven't figured out Hannah's form, but you have ~


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