Friday, December 6, 2013


The Elaho
photo by Jon Merk

The earth sings in liquid notes:
roar of waterfall,
trickle of creek,
rush of river,
ebb and flow of the ocean tide.

Let it trickle through your fingers.
It is precious,
the basis of all life.
Thank the water.
Pray to the water.
It hears you.

The earth sings
in rushing wind,
in crackling fire,
in soft breezes,
in thunder, 
in crack of lightning.

Listen with your very being
to the message
coming to you
on the wind.
Listen for direction
in the way that
you must go.

The earth sings
through its creatures:
cry of eagle,
chirp of junco,
caw of raven,
howl of wolf
in the wintery midnight,
roar of lion
on the hot savannah,
snow leopard
on its icy slope.

Listen to their songs and cries.
They speak their own language,
but if we listen,
they can tell us much.

The earth sings
through the Two-Leggeds
who walk this land:
songs of joy and pain,
songs of hope and transformation,
songs of humanity
and transcendence.

When we open our hearts
to these songs,
the entire world
takes wing.

Your song opened our hearts.
Your passing renews our commitment
to your dream.


  1. yes, i hope that his death is an inspiration and his touch echoes on...

    i like the water focus up front...did you know only 3% of the worlds water is fresh...and only 1% for human use...sorry i taught that today...smiles.

  2. Very much in the spirit, raising the spirit. All life--water, plant, and animal--speaks earth, and you have it singing as if earth and Mandiba were one. I like that!

  3. This is such a beautiful tribute...May our open hearts continue to dream

  4. we can hope for renewal, in the memory of his deeds ~

  5. What a wonderful tribute to a great man!
    Beautifully-penned. Such a lovely message of listening to the guiding voice of the nature as well as the creatures that dwell within its womb.

  6. This has the flow of water running through it..water and hope make rainbows..that is what Mandela left behind

  7. to keep the dream alive.. more of the human race needs to take note...

  8. The ebb and flow of water, the ebb and flow of life! Mandela certainly will be remembered!

  9. To me the most astonishing part of Mandela's song is the song of forgiveness--that was quite amazing. Beautiful uplifting poem, Sherry--like your name. k.

  10. I like the idea of listening to the earth, its creatures, the water and the wind.
    Mandela was one of my heroes, Sherry, and your poem is a beautiful tribute to his life!

  11. Fabulous, Sherry. I realized today that even though I knew Nelson Mandela was very sick, and very old, I harbored a belief that he'd be around for a few more years. I'm afraid I harbor that same belief about the earth, and I hope I'm not wrong again.
    This is a wonderful write. It's a keeper. And Jon's photo reminded me of my father's photos of the rivers of British Columbia.
    Luv, K

  12. This is beautiful! The ending too my breath away~
    I do wish we would listen-

    Yes, a wonderful tribute to a great man!

  13. What beautiful thoughts. I hope we all listen to the songs of earth and to the messages left by lives like Mandela's.

  14. This is such a beautiful passionate and the wisdom of the Mother Earth resonates so richly. Beautiful writing, Sherry!


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