Friday, December 20, 2013

Calling All Angels

There are days and years when one knows
one is being helped and guided.
Then there are days (and sometimes weeks)
when it all slams you upside the head
and all you can manage is a feeble
"help!" directed towards the ceiling.

Hope is the thing that keeps you looking up,
waiting for the shine of gossamer wings
in the lamplight,
against all known information
that tells you what is going on
is unbearably real
and impossibly sad. 
That it is, quite possibly, irrevocable,
and you might need to find strength
you no longer have
to get through
what lies ahead,
and you know now is when
you need your angels.

Yet you also know that
that muffled "Help!" is, somewhere, 
duly heard and noted,
that this week, this month, this difficult winter,
will pass, and spring will come again,
creeping greenly across the land, 
and spilling golden over the mountains,
turning everything now white and gray  
and bare and dead
all new-green-leafed.

It's the shine on those wings,
fluttering up by the ceiling,
that keeps me going
on a day like today,
when, without them, 
what is being borne
is simply  too much
for one small tired human woman
to bear.

And, by now, I know the program:
today will end.
I will go to bed.
And, as always, I will wake up
tomorrow to a brand new day,
the angel of the dawn
having paid me a visit.
And we will 
begin again.

 Fireblossom's prompt at Real Toads: to write about angels who are not Christmas angels, hit a responsive nerve. 


  1. From Pandora's box out flew the bright little fairy Hope who smilingly said "I help people to bear pain" and comforted Epimetheus and Pandora......
    your beautiful lines reminded me of this story...

  2. Oh, Sherry, I know how you feel, and I'm so glad you have angels. You know I know they are there for us.
    I am now going to be completely foolish and sit down on a low stool to hug Lindy who is on her window seat. Even if the angel who comes to help me up is disguised as my husband coming home from shopping, I will know.
    Love, K

  3. Surprise. Lindy was the angel. She wouldn't let me sit on the low stool. Instead, she came down from her window seat to beg for veggies.
    Smart dog.

  4. I open my eyes today with pleasure. touch embrace all, now.


  5. Sherry, when one arises on a new day there is ALWAYS hope. But I do sometimes it is hard to keep that hope in your heart when so much all around is about bringing a person down. May 2014 be a hopeful year for you, Sherry, in every respect.


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