Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bamboo Dreams

Let me move into a bamboo forest.
Make my house of bamboo,
doors and windows open to the sky.
Let there be water trickling nearby,
and bird-song.
May it be always warm,
and may soft summer breezes
tip the tops of the trees
to and fro,
so all thought falls away
and there is only 
a deep green

posted belatedly for Real Toad's Transforming Fridays with Hannah: the Bamboo Forest. Was traveling Friday and am still exhausted. But imagining myself in other landscapes is right up my alley tonight!


  1. So heavenly, Sherry.

    "water trickling nearby,
    and bird-song."

    You gather this place so delicately. Thank you for writing.

  2. well, yes, but also let there be mosquito netting! cuz those little buggers find my skin perfect for biting. ~

  3. love the deep green silence........wish you a very
    happy new year :)

  4. This is lovely, Sherry. I like how you set this up as a deep- seated need for the peace and serenity only nature can offer.

  5. A dream house full of tranquil positive energy. I love the fact that your definition of an ideal house is one that's open to nature. Great poem.

  6. good one - gets me dreaming, as a cold front rolls in!

    Thanks for sticking with me in 2013.

  7. this helped me warm up as I stare out of frosty windows....

  8. What a beautiful setting, Sherry.

  9. the deep green silence...i like that much...a bamboo & birdsong house would make for a pretty magical place...smiles.

  10. Lovely. A deep green of silence - wonderful. Happy New Year.

  11. I'd love to live in a house like you describe. The deep green silence sounds so soothing. Hope you enjoy some of that if only in your imagination.

  12. Your poem created a lovely imagery!:)


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