Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dog Rescue

Meet Smokey, my newest adorable granddog, rescued from a garbage dump in deep freeze, forty degree below, northern Saskatchewan, where he and his litter were thrown away soon after birth. The rescue groups in Regina do amazing work. Smokey has been fostered and cared for since his rescue, so he is happy and trusting and utterly thrilled to have found his forever family.

With the SPCA and all of the rescue groups available, it boggles my mind that people could be so uncaring as to toss out a litter of puppies. God bless the rescuers and the wonderful work they do. This little guy found my son and daughter-in-law's home through Bright Eyes Dog Rescue.

18 year old Yogi, the cat, is not
nearly as thrilled as Jon and Zenny,
about the new addition!

The dogs in the northern community in question are not spayed or neutered, and when the inevitable puppies come, they are unwanted and discarded. As always, there are solutions. But people have to care enough to call for help.

(p.s. dont worry, Grandma has sent a box of puppy-appropriate treats and chew toys for the little guy, who looks a bit daunted at the size of this bone. The box should arrive tomorrow.  And I have banned the pig ear as well. Chemicals, questionable production practices, and a choking/digestion hazard.)

Smokey has a brother still at the rescue who looks exactly like Pup. I am trying to remain practical, difficult where puppies are involved.


  1. Aww how cute! This made me a bit teary eyed. I used to have a dog named Smokey, kind of fluffy & dark gray fur like this one. What a sweety he was. Hope you enjoy your new grand-puppy, Sherry! :)

  2. What a beautiful granddog, Sherry! I can understand how hard it must be not to make your own call. Smiles.

  3. What the funny big bone! Glad for the new grand -dog, hope the brother will be found soon. :)

  4. He is gorgeous! I so wish they would capture the future Pup for you and give him to you for Christmas...keep us posted~
    I am so thrilled he has a wonderful home!

    1. What an awesome Christmas hint, Ellie. Now if only they read this blog, hee hee.

  5. Lovely pup - it is easy to see why you love him.
    Anna :o]

  6. You granddog is adorable, Sherry, and I totally understand why you would want the other one. If I were you, I'd be crying at the impossibility of it all.
    Love, K

  7. Discarded… so hard to believe. Keep the photos coming :)

  8. Such an adorable face...I can't believe the way people treat animals.

  9. Have you read the statistics of the number of dogs and cats that are dumped before the Christmas holiday period?The most staggering thing for me is that most of people have children. Something I will never be able to reconcile with.

  10. Sherry! So exciting, and so adorable!!! Did you hear a squeak of delight, 3000 miles away? That would be me:-) Congratulations to Smokey's forever family and thank you to Bright Eyes!

  11. Adorable puppy. I think they all are and I always want to bring them home.
    (I'm back home now. Trying to catch up and rest a little.)

  12. what a story of triumph for the little guy! pretty cool...


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