Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Letting Go

A blaze of color
as you cling to
your familiar tree,
before you curl up,
fall to the ground, blow away.
Your message to me
in this autumn
of my life,
when one most wants
to hold on:
the traveler's path~
Let go.
Let go.


  1. There definitely is a message in the falling of leaves, Sherry. Part of the cycle of life IS the letting go. I think we just all have to recognize though that there is beauty in each stage...

  2. That is really pretty, Sherry. Sometimes, letting go is the hardest thing.

  3. Oh, yes, letting go is definitely the hardest thing for me. Letting go of people, places and things, but mostly loved ones, human or animal. I even have trouble believing this is the autumn of my life, and you know how old I am.
    A lovely poem, with a wise message for foolish me.
    Luv, K

  4. Letting go is the hardest, for sure.

    I know this is the autumn of my life, or as Sinatra would sing, The September of My Years... and yet, there is some "spring" in us yet, young thing. That's your heart! Love, Amy

  5. ...as Neruda said: 'love is so short, to forget is so long..' or something like that really settled inside my head when i read this... we all have our autumn to face sooner or later... smiles...

  6. It's often in letting go that we find deliverance. A great wisdom conveyed so simply :)

  7. All of life is about letting go. We just realize it more in Autumn.


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