Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Mama Zen said 
I could use eight lines,
but I ate 
four of them.

This is what you call a no-brainer because I worked so hard today, no synapses are firing. Plus Shay knocked it out of the park with eight WORDS, so why even try? LOL.  

Fun exercise though, for Words Count with Mama Zen, to write about "eight" - eight words, eight lines or eighty - or even ate, which appealed to me as it is suppertime in western Canada!  Check out the other links over at Toads. They all wrote Real Poems:)


  1. It's brain food though so you did the right thing, Sherry! ;) Sleep well my friend!

  2. Then Margaret did one with 8 words. Glad I didn't even try.
    I understand about the synapses. And eating four of the eight lines. LOL
    Good stuff, my friend.
    Luv, K

  3. Wow you really are hungry.
    I know I can't even think of thinking when I'm very tired. Get some rest Sherry.

  4. ha! I suffered the opposite, puking out two

  5. Cute and unexpected. You sure you ate them and didn't s ... ?

  6. ATE!!! I hadn't even thought of that! Sherry - you are "on" even when you think you are "off"! :)

  7. Too funny. Hope you ate them with a little jam on top! Amy

  8. A funny one Sherry!

  9. Chuckles! A breath of fun! Nicely Sherry!



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