Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time to introduce the Children!

It finally occurred to me there are a lot of DOGS on my site, and no humans. So I thought it might be time to introduce some of the people in my life. This is my sister, Lori, and her horse Beau. When Lori isnt working or mowing the lawn, she is attending horse events, like cattle penning, which she and Beau are pretty good at, or various Back Country Horsemen events. Lori lives right across the street from me, so we help each other out with all the critters, the non-human ones that is.

This is The Big Four, above, from left to right my son Jeff, daughter Lisa,
younger daughter Stephanie, and big brother Jon. A good looking crew, if I do say so.

This is the beautiful Zenny, brother Jon's wife, the sweetest girl in the world.
The whole family adores her.

Granddaughter Ali and her son, Damian,
now four whole years old.

Grandsons Caleb and Josh
I called Caleb Mr Sunshine when he was little -
His smile is temporarily unavailable - they call it
adolescence :)

the grandsons, Tyler on the right,
looking way cool,
and the beautiful Emma,
Josh's girlfriend

Great-Grandma Sherry and Damian
at the lake
How did being a great-grandma happen
so fast? And Lisa has got to be the
youngest most beautiful grandma ever!

That's the Clan! I did it! And not one dog in sight, hee hee!

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  1. Beautiful family! I love the line " is temporarily unavailable - they call it adolescence." I have one of those, a step-grandson who hasn't smiled five times in the past year, I suspect. It's important to look "stormy" and cool, don't you know?


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