Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Clayoquot Sound, photo through Friends of Clayoquot Sound

[This poem was written as I ferried down the Inside Passage from the north, where I had wintered, (hibernated!), back home to my beloved Tofino. Joy accompanied me, every inch of the journey.]

Song of the green, green hills,
Song of the porpoise leaping,
Ice-pack down the mountain seeping
A sudden torrent, like a giant weeping;
Prayer of the silent earth,
Deep within, where the springtime's stirring,
Gratitude into my heart creeping -
My spirit waking, which had long been sleeping.

I'm alive as the waterfall,
Cascading downward, like a fountain.
Its living waters carve an ageless path -
Eternity upon the velvet mountain.

Song of the evening sky,
Soft colors fading, end-of-day to starshine,
Each star a promise of a new tomorrow,
Song of the hopeful heart that is mine.

Surge of the sea-green foam,
Sound of the mountains singing,
Joy within me ringing,
Thrum of the motor bringing me,
Lift of my heart winging me,
Song of the mountains singing me
All the way home.


  1. Ooh, you're getting so clever with your pictures and such! Blogland is addictive, isn't it?

    I adore this poem..your writing is at its best when it comes from your soul's deep love of the ocean. No-one can doubt your passion and commitment...


  2. I love the repeated sounds of this piece - they give a peaceful cadence to the experience of sharing this journey with you.

  3. You are right, the joy in this piece is palpable. Well written song to joy, to life, to nature.

  4. Wonderfully crafted! Great post!


  5. I can just feel your love for mountains and ocean in this poem. You used the word 'alive,' and I can sense your aliveness in this poem.

  6. Beautiful. I've been on the inside passage. I love every word you wrote.

    By the way, you are undoubtedly familiar with my Diagonal Rows. That is at Okanagan Lake, and the winery is near Westbank.

  7. Thank you all for your comments, they are appreciated! Yes, it was a joyful journey home. Now that I live an hour and a half inland, I so miss the vibrancy of that magical place. Diane, I watched those vineyards grow from childhood. Wow! We have traveled some of the same territory:)

  8. Sherry, just came from Vancouver Island...we go every year, you capture it beauty in this piece..I am reading to go back...blessings..bkm

  9. My mind thanks you for this journey. :-)

  10. very stunning and open space view...
    love the free feeling in it.

  11. Dear Sherry,
    Take me sounds heavenly. Your words are like a balm to any troubled heart.

  12. Very nice, Sherry.

    'I'm alive as the waterfall,'

    What a lovely image. :-)

  13. Such beautiful music in your words. Like a spill of spiritual joy. So enchanting.

  14. once more, i love the images you pick.
    "Each star a promise of a new tomorrow," this line spoke to me especially.. lovely thought.

  15. Each image is sparkling - and yes, it is the cadence that has me thinking of a barefoot Indian queen - thumping through on the way home - terrific song for and of Mother Earth... :)

  16. sing on mountain son, sing me home...this sounds like a song itself sherry...and i know it, living in the mountains myself...and have moved away at a time, it called me back as well....

  17. There is a place upon earth for me - it makes me feel just like this. I cannot go there enough and sadly do not (cannot). What a lovely and moving place.


  18. enjoyed the vibrant words and rhythm.....

  19. What a beautiful journey this lovely poem takes one on. Just fills me with peace and an ever increasing love of nature.

  20. I love "each star the promise of a new tomorrow." What a gorgeous view this is, the mountains, waterfalls ... must have been an incredible journey! And gratitude ... one of my favorite words :)

  21. musical and inviting, Sherry ~ M

  22. The joy is palpable. Your love of this place shines.

  23. If ever a woman was "alive as a waterfall," it would be you, my friend. I smiled broadly reading this. Love, Amy

  24. the sights and sounds of your region are so tantalisingly beautiful.I really envy you for this.

  25. what is missing is the music. :)
    there's a very joyous feel in the words.

  26. Sherry, this is a fantastically whimsical piece. I love the imagery and the mood just makes my eyes widen in immense desire to see what you have seen. Well done, and than you for sharing.

  27. Loving the idea of eternity on a velvet mountain. How lovely. A lilting feel for the soul.


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