Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My two beautiful daughters,
Lisa, above, and Stephanie, below with Sanchez

February 12, 2003
You do not have to be Superwoman
You do not have to leap tall buildings
with a single bound
You only have to get through
this one intricately challenging
and slightly preposterous day
with as much grace and humor as possible
Tell me how hard it is,
just to keep going
and I will hear you
Meanwhile the myriad galaxies spin
in their mystical and so mysterious orbits
across a midnight sky bejeweled with diamonds
Meanwhile the generous sun comes up each morning
offering a brand new day for trying
Meanwhile all beings in the cosmos
arise and go about their single day of solitary living
Whoever, you are, whatever your state of being,
the world awaits your constant co-creation -
issues you a blank canvas that cries out for
all the vibrant colors of your day,
you the living paintbrush, to draw forth
all your fire and fortitude and passion
and your deep, sweet peacefulness
at resting in the life that is oh so sweetly
and familiarly
*** *** *** *** *** ***
safe passage
october 8, 2004
looking around
at all the broken lives -
people with mental illness,
depression, poverty-
such a long highway
from where they are
to where they want to be-
bombed countrysides
famine and despair
the whole earth a global entity
in need of healing-
what prayer
can possibly encompass
all that needs to happen?
what prayer
like a mantra
whispered by a mother
over her sleeping children
can grant
the impossible....
that all may have
safe passage
through this world?


  1. Lucky you to have precious daughters like Lisa and Stephanie..and lucky them to have a mother as steadfast and as talented as you have proven to be!

    Your poetry speaks to the wish we all have to hold our children close to our hearts..even as we teach them to fly...


  2. Thanks so much, Lynette. Look at us, up late at night at our keyboards like people who dont have CFS:) hee hee.

  3. Just wanted to say Walt Whitman, sherry blue

  4. Another beautiful poem. Parents really do want children to have safe passage.

    I looked for your email address and could not find it. I am going to close my blog to all except invited readers (poets, not voyeurs), of which you are one. Let me know what your email address is. Write to I will add you to my list.

  5. Lovely, and filled with so much love. Your daughters are indeed blessed.

  6. the world awaits your constant co-creation - oh my goodness - what a perfectly wonderful thought - loved these love poems to your beautiful daughters


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