Sunday, December 3, 2023

Not Alone


Because of how dogs pull on their leashes
to come to me for a treat,
and look at me with happy eyes...

because of how people smile at me on the street
- so kindly! -
because I am old, and hobbling...

because the house across the street
put up their Christmas lights,
and I hung mine in response...

because of how the small children
from the daycare walk past my window
at eleven o'clock every morning...

because when I enter the forest,
the tree beings turn their faces towards me,
welcoming me in to their green
and mystical world,
to tranquility,
to sanctuary...

because of how I stand under a sky full of stars,
feeling my solitude, and,
at the same time,
my being one of eight billion humans
also looking up, pondering the mystery...

because the waves sing their eternal song,
whooshing in to shore, and then
receding, me feeling the reverberations
in my chest, as millions of souls
have stood before, seeking solace,
seeking peace, feeling the depth
and vibrancy of life
lived at the edge of the world...

I know I'm not alone.

Inspired by How We Are Not Alone by Maya Stein.


  1. "because when I enter the forest,
    the tree beings turn their faces towards me" - by just reading your poems over several years, I know this has to be true. What a magical thought... brightened up my morning that was full of news of war.

  2. Beautiful post, Sherry! Especially your opening lines. I've come to believe that a good story deserves a good dog.

  3. Another well inspired poem. I think we have to look for the signs that we are not alone. There are so many reminders in our sphere if only we pay attention. You are so in tune with nature, Sherry. You could NEVER be alone!


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