Saturday, August 7, 2021

Your Gypsy Heart


Your gypsy heart
always needed to be free,
though you gifted
a large part of it
to me.

I loved your wildness,
blessed it every day,
so when it came time
for you to go away,
when everything in you
wanted to stay,
I had to let your spirit
fly away.

They said my grief
was keeping you
tied to me,
slowing your passage 
through the spirit world.
The very hardest part of this,
for me,
was opening the door
of my heart
to allow you
to fly free.

I don't know that I ever have actually let Pup go. I couldn't. But thought I'd float the theory in this poem for The Sunday Muse.


  1. Such a very handsome boy Pup is. (I say "is" deliberately....our babies pass on, they do not die!) Of course you never entirely let such a dear one go. I talk to Sunny and Bosco regularly.

  2. Oh Sherry this is heart stirring and utterly lovely. I agree with Shay, Pup "is" a beautiful dog indeed! I told this to Shay once, but when I was a kid I used to tell my Grandmother that when I went to heaven that I would take care of all the dogs.

  3. ‘Float the theory’… only you could put it so blithely… all of us know Pup is with you for eternity.

  4. This beautiful and I know your heart will always be connected to Pup, how could it not be. He is with you always in subtle ways. The howl of the wind, the song of the trees, a stick on the beach. Always with you my friend.

  5. A gorgeous poem that cuts deep.

  6. 'The very hardest part' - so true.

  7. Sherry, you started out great and followed through very well. ". . . gypsy heart
    always needed to be free,' Mrs. Jim won't open the cage door for anything. I think I sealed it when I parked my motorcycle for good. Never rode again after our daughter was born.

  8. My eyes teared reading this tribute, and the wrenching of the heart for letting your pup go on.


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