Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Song for Earthweal


Cox Bay, Tofino
photo by Warren Rudd

Let me sing a song of the earth
on this blue-sky morning,
the world green and bright
outside my window.
I will beat my drum
in time with the heartbeat
of the earth mother;
I will walk on the shore
in tune with the song of the waves.

There is a crack running through
this perfection I see; humankind
creating discord, disharmony.
Mother Earth offers healing,
but we can't find our way.
We think we are driving the bus,
don't see it carrying us away

from the time when everything was one,
when the earth and all its creatures
were beautiful and  young.
I take up my pen, think of
every song I've ever sung.
Let me learn to speak
the language of cloud, of sky,
of wolf and whale, of the green,
green hills. Let me learn to speak
the language of you and I.

for earthweal where we are contemplating Earthcraft, the work of restoring earthly perfection through craft. With thanks to Brendan, who provides this forum for informed folk who care about the earth, where we can share our words and our concerns.


  1. A beautiful, mournful and timely song Sherry. I am singing it with you from the other side of the Atlantic!

  2. This is really inspired: "We think we are driving the bus, don't see it carrying us away......." We are so blind to where we are heading sometime. Your poem makes that point well!

  3. "We think we are driving the bus,
    don't see it carrying us away . . ."
    And on the bus, we still have time to learn the language. Such yearning here.

  4. Earthcraft is ancient and ever-renewing, albeit cracked and bittersweet sounding these days. A surrender and welcome we must practice with our lives. In this craft there are few masters, but your earth songs approach. Well done!

  5. My comment disappeared somehow. I enjoyed reading your beautiful poem and visualized a lovely summer day in your part of the world. Suzanne of Mapping Uncertainty

  6. let us all learn that language ~

  7. It is so concerning. The forest behind where I live is being ravaged, for mansions. No more foxes or deer. Fewer turkeys, and birds. ugh.

  8. A good language to speak indeed.


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