Saturday, June 19, 2021


Take me back
to soft summer mornings,
waking to the coo of doves
at daybreak,
with you beside me,
dark eyes and darker heart,
both of us afraid of the pain
love can bring,
and so, of course,
it came.

Greenhouse mornings,
a small bird
alighting on your hand,
you turned
your slow smile on me,
beautiful man.

So take me back,
then bring me home again,
to where my life alone
is peaceful and serene,
and I need nothing more
than this lovely blue-sky day,
and a sweet doggy smile
to light me on my way.

for The Sunday Muse


  1. Oh how the journey of pain has given birth to such wise and gorgeous poetry from you my friend Sherry! I see the beauty in the painful road, and I am so glad that you still returned to a road of peace. We all deserve that indeed! I always love your poetry Sherry! It touches, sooths, and heals!

  2. Lovely, my friend. There is peace in this.

  3. Such a beautiful recall of happy times and a painful journey to arrive at today's place of contentment. Well penned, Sherry.

  4. Sherry, I like your writings. I thought the 'guy' would be the dog. There is not a full trust for a long, long time in a marriage other than the first. That fit the first part of your poem also.
    (Sherry, the fourth wife is the one that generally gets divorced in favor of a newer wife. Limit is four for my guy.)

  5. "Greenhouse mornings, / a small bird / alighting on your hand, / you turned / your slow smile on me, / beautiful man."

    So good. Beautiful.

  6. Sweet memories. Beautifully written Sherry! We all have them, even if the TV is still on, but the channel has changed.

  7. Ah paint these memories so sweetly. I can close my eyes and be there in my own, for which I thank you, though as you hint, that sweetness can hide something else. I love all of it, and your perfect ending.

  8. than this lovely blue-sky day,
    and a sweet doggy smile
    to light me on my way

    Love the close Sherry! Such a welcomed thought in freeing us from from all the frustrations of this pesky new normal which don't seem to end!


  9. I love your reminiscences here, Sherry! Yes, indeed, often one wants to be taken back.

  10. The thing about so much of your poetry ~~~ it resonates deeply in the psyches of mature, experienced women. I love this.

  11. This so celebrates the bittersweetness of love and life = the past a dream we wake from to a dreamy life yet to come. (I'll be opening up the earthweal doors this afternoon to celebrate midsummer's dream.)

  12. "Greenhouse mornings" immediately caught me. So much sadness diffused in the haze.

  13. A sure ride can be circular, indeed
    Happy Sunday Sherry
    My Sunday post HERE


  14. I felt a peaceful sad serenity in your poem - very beautifully written.

  15. The sweet smile of your dog Jasmine took hold of my mind before reading this poem. So going home again was special.

  16. Ah, Romance! I'm all for it. ♥

  17. I really connected with the two worlds you describe here, Sherry.

  18. This is beautiful, Sherry. Love the home of Peace and Contentment, where you live.

  19. Much appreciated, Sherry. Thank you.


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