Wednesday, December 30, 2020



When the talking heads make my own head feel
like it is stuffed with cotton batten (and frustration,
pain and angst), I walk my heart
into the rainforest, listen as the ancient trees
whisper songs of peace and beauty.

When I read about the melting poles,
and that the sea will rise fifteen feet
maybe within my lifetime,
and certainly within my grandkids',
I dream of wolves,
wish I could run away with them,
live in the forest under natural law,
so much more just than human rule.

When the world is not heeding
the severity of the crisis we are in,
because no one wants to make hard choices,
from our leaders on down,
and they wish away the day of reckoning
with a denial that is incomprehensible
when all of the science is so clear,

I ponder what place I might escape to,
knowing there is no place left
that has not felt the desecration
of our heavy human footprint,

and then, I walk my heart back
into the forest, listen to the trees
breathing peace, send a message of love
and apology to the wild, wild world,
tell it I am doing my best.

When my heart is laden
with the urgent change that needs to happen
and is not, is not, happening,
I lean against Mother Earth's mossy breast,
close my eyes, am sung to sleep
by the chatter of small birds, and then -
I dream of wolves.


  1. Ha, I have sometimes wondered where to escape to as well; and it seems right now there is NO place that has not been harmed by our human footprints. Wolves are such a comfort to you, Sherry.

  2. I'd like to quote this, if I may, in a document about the climate changes the skeptics can't deny. If sea level were going to rise fifteen feet in our lifetime, most islands and seaports would already be unlivable. That doesn't mean the climate's not changing.

  3. It isnt authenticated info, as I have forgotten the source, one of the many books I have read about climate change. It projects this happening along all seaboards when the last of the ice melts - the melting accelerates as the bulk is lost - that is already happening and settlements are being moved up north as the tundra melts. Dont quote me as an authority though, when I havent given the source.

  4. No. I intended to quote the poem as a poem, then dig into the facts even Steve Milloy finds himself acknowledging.


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