Monday, December 21, 2020

An Imperfect Offering

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in
     - from "Anthem" by Leonard Cohen

Light the incense.
As the smokey vapours rise,
may they carry all our prayers
into the Otherworld.
Let the hundred candles shine,
illuminating and banishing
our dark night,
in this early morning, 
and so transitory light.
Scatter the petals of aging blooms,
making a carpet on which to kneel,
and pray whichever prayer
you feel.

When you are ready,
sound the bell -
one clear and solitary ring.
As our chants begin,
we meditate
on what we have to bring.
May the All That Is accept
in time
our most imperfect

for Brendan at earthweal, where we contemplate the state of the world, mutating covid, and summon up some hope to ring a solstice bell. 


  1. What a sweet offering. The portal you provide here leads to a scented, gleaming room in which to share the sound of the singular solstice bell. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful - your prayerful words are enriching to read. Suzanne of Mapping Uncertainty

  3. So beautiful Sherry. Your words offer a sweet hope, for me and for the world. Good to resume reading your poetry.

  4. I hear that bell sherry so I join you in this prayer. Lovely

  5. Cohen’s is an excellent quote to complement your poem, Sherry. I’ve been burning more incense this year than ever before – it’s my afternoon ritual when I’ve finished writing and done the housework. Candles too, when it starts to get dark, which is around 3.30 pm here. I identify with so much in your poem. The one thing I don’t have is a bell. Thankfully, your poem rings one for me – I can hear that ‘one clear and solitary ring’. A beautiful prayer of a poem.

  6. This is a beautiful prayer Sherry.

  7. Amen to that Sherry! I love your solstice prayer and the sentiments expressed here. 'pray whichever prayer
    you feel' - absolutely. There's too much bickering over differences in religion, which is more human than godlike, I suspect...

  8. love the title, such a beautiful prayerful meditation. Pray whichever prayer you feel. Perfectly said.

    This reminds me of a chod healing ceremony I was invited to attend. The use of bells were used. We each have our own spiritual journey. Prayer is able to cut through the ego and transcend to a place of higher consciousness.

  9. This is an uplifting one, Sherry. My spirits don't rise that far. I'm looking into the mud to reassure myself that some things are still trotting about unharmed.

  10. Beautiful sentiments. Yes, even though our offerings are imperfect, they are accepted because of our 'good' hearts.


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