Saturday, August 5, 2017

Traveler Holds the Moon

Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin

Traveler wants to
hold life to her
like a huge
buttery yellow
She wants to
sip summer
out of a periwinkle blue cup
and listen to frogs
every evening
beside the pond
in a place
where winter
never comes.

Traveler wants
to roll downhill
with six tumbling
golden puppies,
to watch babies smile,
and old couples
hold hands.
She wants
to watch
the sun go down
beside the sea
for six thousand more
spectacular sunsets,
and wake to see
the sun peep
up over the hill
six thousand and one more
hopeful mornings.

The older she gets,
the farther she walks,
the more she wants
to hold close
all that is
and silently
slipping away.

This poem is from a Soul Card Journey I made in April 2011, with Elizabeth, during NaPoWriMo. Each morning we looked at the day's card and then I began tapping the keys, feeling like I was taking dictation. It was an amazing journey, as yet unequaled.

Shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United, where there is guaranteed to be good reading every Sunday morning.


  1. I like your traveler poems and the older I get the more I like them, colors and textures and all.

  2. Such a marvelous composition. I love your play on sounds as she slips away.

  3. This is beautiful, Sherry. I do think as we get older we DO want to hold on to things that matter to us..... I think we come to appreciate the importance of the simple things that make up our lives!

  4. Being with 'this traveler' feels so safe. Oh how I love the 'buttery moon' and the sibilant end, almost like lulling to sleep. Another beauty Sherry.

  5. sip summer out of a periwinkle blue cup... I'm going to hold on to that picture till the mangoes ripen next summer.

  6. Well that is certainly how I now feel! Even hearing the wind howl and rain beat down last night was worth savoring and think (pessimistically) I'll miss that! What a glorious poem this is Sherry.

  7. This is gorgeously penned, Sherry💖 Especially love; "She wants to sip summer out of a periwinkle blue cup
    and listen to frogs serenade every evening beside the pond in a place
    where winter never comes."💖

  8. 'She who travels lightest travels farthest' but without all these lovely wishes and dreams she surely goes alone.

  9. I well remember this journey, Sherry and it is great to have to opportunity to read one of the poems again. My eye was especially captured by your use of colour in the imagery - the buttery yellow moon!

  10. Facsinating. I hope you will share more of these.

  11. This poem reminded me of a story of my own, the frogs sernaded each night. The final words are a bit sad, lucklly we don't always notice what is slipping away, until it is gone.

  12. Such a wonderful poetic journey. It touches the heartstrings!

  13. I enjoyed the journey, this traveler has walked many paths. Wonderful poem.

  14. I especially love the opening stanza and description of the moon. I feel the slipping away, like arctic ice melting.

  15. This is simply beautiful, Sherry: up on that - very crowded - pinnacle with some of your best work. While I'm not entirely clear on the form your collaboration with Elizabeth took, it clearly, rendered stellar results. Wonderful writing!

  16. Beauiful traveller's poem Sherry ~ I so want to walk in nature's path stones in Canada's wilderness ~ Our country is awesome ~

  17. I know well that feeling of wanting to hold on to what is slipping away...

  18. A magical poem. Buttery yellow moon <3 lovely


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