Wednesday, August 2, 2017

In Search of Freedom

How I admire the beauty
 of this pink flower,
who blooms
despite the terror 
she has known.

It is a hard world
for girl children,
those pink bundles
who begin life 
so innocent and new.

Bloom on,
small blossoms.
Your journey
the world,
and "the stars 
are always with you*."

*The quote is from this young woman's speech. As Yeonmi Park traveled her harrowing journey from North Korea to freedom, she felt "only the stars were with us." She also said that in Korea there is a saying, "Women are weak, but mothers are strong." I do think women are extraordinarily strong, or we would not survive our lives, especially women in the Third World. I just discovered she has written a book, "In Order to Live", which I am looking forward to reading.


  1. That video knocked me out! I was so glad to turn to a poem that celebrates Yeonmi Park's journey and her voice while decrying the dangers little girls are born into. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful poem; outstanding topic.

    I love this:
    "Women are weak, but mothers are strong."

    I probably thought I was strong when I was *just* a woman, but when I became a mom, I became something else entirely. So I completely get this quote.

  3. Both your poem and the video exemplify the need for us to be humans. To rise above. To protect. To edify. May our words affirm life and our humanness.

  4. What a fantastic video to accompany your poem Sherry. Yeonmi wasn't the only one crying as watched and read this.

  5. Quite moving and inspirational. (strength has many forms)

  6. she is an inspiration and your poem underlines this beautifully

  7. So heartening to see a blossom finding light at last. Wonderful video and poem, Sherry.

  8. Thank you for sharing the video, Sherry. It reduced my heart to tears. The young lady is one of the lucky few.

  9. A story of struggle and smile among so much pain. Thanks!

  10. I have seen this video. It is difficult to process what every day life is like in an evil dictatorship. Historically we know it cannot last but my heart goes out to those people.

  11. Oh, what a heart breaking story, Sherry! And all such oppression happening in the 21st century?!!How?
    Beats me....I am in tears!

  12. I too, was moved the first time I heard her speak. And must wonder at how and why we speak of "Progress", when her story is only one of millions...


  13. I like the tone of this poem: filled with hope!


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