Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wild Woman's Boudoir

My new front room. There is a small balcony outside where I will be able to sit and commune with the trees when it warms up a bit. And have some potted blooms! One of my favourite things
is this wall of green outside my windows.

At the other end of the living room is the kitchenette,
which has a nice amount of storage.

My cozy bedroom, full of things to look at.
(I have a lot of treasures!)

My memorial to Pup and Jasmine,
whom I miss very much.
It is a very new thing, living without
a fur companion.

Lots of prisms and dangly things in the window.

I am nice and cozy, and am well-pleased
with my little nest.
I am a lucky girl.


  1. Happiness, as in blue birds! Sun in your prisms! Smiles in your voice! This all makes me happy, too. Congratulations. Patience wins.

  2. I love thinking of you there, so very very close to the sea. <3

  3. I love it! Enjoy it all in good health! xo

  4. Oh Sherry, this looks so pretty and cosy. I am sure you will only love it more and more. I am so happy you are finally in Tofino!

  5. Sherry, I made each of these pictures 'large' so that I could have a closer look. They really do my heart good. At last you are back in Tofino, the home of your heart. You have fixed your place up so very beautifully and comfortably. Your home really reflects YOU! May you have many years of happiness there, Sherry.

  6. Thanks for the look around. Looks like a great place.

  7. Wow you sure have worked your magic on the little apartment! Looks fantastic!!

  8. beautiful Sherry...so Happy for you :)

  9. It is a beautiful, cozy nest. You have waited so long, you deserve it all!

  10. I finally made time to come and "visit" you at your lovely new abode. I love it. It's you. I send you a multitude of blessings and good wishes for your happiness there.

  11. Nice...good for you Sherry ~

  12. I love your space Sherry particularly that you have a balcony and all those cozy wolves to snuggle up with

  13. My dear friend - I am so happy to have dropped by for a visit today. I love your sweet abode and it is all perfectly you - shiny things dangling at the window and a view to the green wood! Lovely! And it is nice to picture you in your cozy cottage in your favorite place in the universe - hurray! Now hopefully soon, our home will sell and we will be off on our new adventure! K


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