Tuesday, February 14, 2017


So, my friends, this was yesterday, and the surfers and beach dogs were pretty happy. So was I , walking around with a big smile on my face, still pinching myself that I'm here.

I have almost finished unpacking and will post photos once I get the pictures hung - all my wolves!

Today it is windy and rainy. Since all I can see out my window are old growth trees - literally a few feet beyond my balcony, I have been enjoying watching the branches dance. When I open the sliding glass door, I am not sure if what I am hearing is wind or waves, but I like to think it is both.


Isn't life just remarkable, in its ability to completely change in no time at all?

My new email is wildwomantwo@gmail.com. I sure would like to meet wildwoman 1 who keeps beating me to email names......I suspect she is me, in earlier years. Now, in my later years, cyberspace insists I am decidedly  in Act Two. In act 3 , I suspect wildwoman wont know or care what number she is, so the question will be moot.


  1. Live is a wild dancer, isn't she? I'm so happy that you are currently living they yummiest bit of the dance. I closed my eyes and thought about the sounds you hear when you open your sliding door, how glorious!

    Your bit about wildwoman 1 made me giggle.

    Happy unpacking!

  2. Can you handle all this joy? I'm so happy for you.

  3. may you always be surrounded by joy..

  4. Can hear the surf roar, from Ontario, as the waves wash ashore, carrying your renewed energy, Sherry. Something, so primal and invigorating, as watching the tides change. So do miss my time upon the beaches of Canada, whether fresh or salt water. May they fell you with poetic energy, Sherry, to be shared with all.

    1. Does it matter what number is attached, as long as there is a bit of wild within you? You'll always be number one for me, kiddo. And I love the happy note that rings through your every word.


  5. So happy for you, Sherry! A dream come true.

  6. Enjoy (and thank you for spreading your joy with us)


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