Tuesday, June 11, 2024

My Treasure

My room is full of wolves,
hanging from the walls all around.
I have a wolf head on a chain,
that I wear for medicine
when in need.

But when it comes to
the real keepsake,
the thing I want to
take into my casket with me,
it is your urn,
your wolfish face
engraved on the top,
your ashes inside.

(How I wept when
they handed you to me,
my big, noisy boy, so reduced,
in a small white take-out box.)

In life, in death,
you've always been
my treasure.

for Susan's prompt at What's Going On - Keepsakes/Treasures

link: https://newwhatsgoingon.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh Sherry, this is such a poignant poem! Yes, indeed, a true treasure for life AND beyond!

  2. Oh that hit hard... things we love are the only real treasure...absolutely right.

  3. So very touching Sherry - the loss is palpable but there is comfort as well that you will always be together - Jae

  4. This is so moving Sherry. 'it is your urn,' The line is heartbreaking.

  5. "But when it comes to
    the real keepsake . . . " A wise discernment, my friend. This one lives in your heart.

  6. I cannot imagine a greater treasure than pup's ashes to take with you when you crossover to the other side. wiping a tear...Truedessa

  7. You will be together again one day. Moving poem....Rall

  8. I love wolves. We might fear them, but we need to leave them alone. Respect them and give them space. They don't love us.
    And what a pretty dog, soulful eyes.

  9. I know he is, Sherry. You are each other's gift to each other in this life.

  10. Oh Sherry.. Wild Wolf Woman of my long ago readings... this poem was so powerful it brought me to tears. Just wonderful!

  11. This brought tears. What a beautiful plan to have your precious pet placed with you.


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