Sunday, February 7, 2021

Fly Free


"Natural Woman" Digital Collage Art "Covid Creations" by Susie Clevenger

A little bird
asked me why
I kept his cousins
in a cage

when there is
a whole wide sky
to fly in.

I love their company,
I said. And I
so love
their song.

And then
I remembered
being in that cage
and how it felt
to finally
free myself.

Thank you,
I whispered
to my little friends.
Fly free!

and opened
up that door.

I did once have budgies in a cage. I would play cd's of birdsong and they would sing and sing. A friend expressed surprise that, feeling as I did about personal freedom, I kept caged birds. That made me think. I never have again.

I did, though, love their happy song.

for The Sunday Muse, inspired by the wonderful art of the multi-talented Susie Clevenger.


  1. I've often wondered why my aunts kept birds in cages .... as a child it bothered me. And I see, it bothered you as well. Fly free indeed.

  2. Happy Sunday Sherry, enjoy the bird songs. Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  3. A beautiful story with an important message.

  4. I have a bird that was the smallest of an egg hatching , no one wanted her. Her feathers were taking a long time to grow it. I decided to take the bird in and give her love and a chance in the world. She has been with me a long time and is sitting on my shoulder chirping as I write this note. She is out of her cage more than she is in her cage. lol..but, I gave her a chance in this world to survive. She is the only remaining bird from that hatching. Birds are meant to fly and you cannot keep them caged. She has brought great joy into my life and I know she would not have survived long had I not taken her in. Sometimes, the universe intervenes.

    1. What a sweet story, True. I know some very happy birds who are also out of their cages more than in. They have great lives.

  5. Just don't let them anywhere near your cat!

  6. Love the message of true freedom in this Sherry! Beautiful!! I actually have a caged parakeet, but it is not really mine. It is our library bird and after our branch flooded during Harvey I have kept him until our building gets repaired.

  7. I loved your poem, Sherry, and the story as well. Since Covid, I certainly can identify with a caged bird!!

  8. I love the freedom in this...We love the song, but can't cage the voice. Thank you so much for giving your voice to my art.

  9. I was told the gist of your poem by a viewer in comment on my YouTube page, Jim1Jim1, "Monkey swinging around in its cage"
    at , "this is a horrible fate for a wilderness loving chimp."

  10. "let my people go"... It is a treasure to walk a forest path and hear it freely given - we just need to learn to be still and listen. I bird watched with my son years ago and the trick was to settle into an area and sit still and be quiet. The birds do return and ignore you. :)

  11. It is nice to see them from a near distance caged. But after a time the faint realisation of being kept as a prisoner make many have the guilt feelings. A common dilemma. Love your poem Sherry.


  12. I am sure you were a good bird care-taker. Yes, it is sad to cage them for human enjoyment, I suppose. I had a parakeet when I was a child.

  13. It is cruel to cage birds or any animal.It is cruel to keep cats and dogs in an apartment.

  14. Gently written; gently felt. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Amen to your theme.

    As for birds kept in cages; only as reminders to clean the house...again!


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