Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sufi Dancing in My Head

Small hummers
buzz around the feeder
like small Sufi dancers,
on Wild Woman's deck.

Wild Woman watches,
She has vertigo,
so, inside her woozy cranium,
she joins them
in their ecstatic whirling.
Her heart  swirls up and up.
Wild Woman is
Sufi dancing in her head.

The most positive spin on vertigo I can manage. LOL. One looks for the plusses. I have always marveled at Sufi dancers. Now I can imagine how they feel, with all that beautiful twirling.

for Sumana's cool prompt at Midweek Motif: Dance. Even hobbling, when John Lennon is on the cd player, Wild Woman can still sometimes manage a lick or two across her cozy room.


  1. Only you can do this Sherry! Yeah, the most positive spin on vertigo indeed! Love your hummers doing a Sufi dance.

  2. And why not. Luv the dance of hummingbirds. Have a great day. Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  3. Sounds to me, Sherry, like you're learning to make the proverbial lemonade out of the proverbial lemons of life: Sufi dancing in your woozy head. Wonderful!

  4. When life hands you lemons, sufi dance! This is so heartening and happy, in spite of the vertigo.

  5. Wonderful! And we were just talking about Sufi whirling yesterday! Must have inspired you!!! 😊💜

  6. I have a grin on my face right now ... picturing you doing that dance!!! Take care Wild Woman.

  7. Oh Love this "like small Sufi dancers,
    twirling on Wild Woman's deck." May they be dancing forever

  8. What an amazing analogy for a feeling. Swirling dancers makes my head spin!

  9. I'd be laying on the floor after the first spin with my wobbly legs. At least I can watch others whilst I remember what I have done not what should have done. Keep writing Sherry and keep laughing too.

  10. Now I feel the vertigo spin, mirrored in the hummingbird's flight!

  11. wow amazing swirling dancing with the mind is lost in the dance...lovely poem

  12. Vertigo....precisely that's why I stay away from swirling, twirling..whirling!
    What a poem!! Truly impressive, Sherry!!

  13. Sufi dancing in your head is an excellent description of vertigo.

  14. I love those feathered whirling dervishes and the effect on the observer is well captured, Sherry!

  15. I can imagine the twirl, whirl and swirl produced by these hummers (love your wordplay, by the way). The dance is sure to entice anyone who can hear the music. :)


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