Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Earth and Sky

Water comes first, then we follow,
gasp in a big breath of air, and then we cry.
Thus we are introduced to the world
as it always was and always will be.
Water: essential, blessed,
part of our beings from our very first day.

Through the Sacred Medicine Wheel I journeyed,
dipped my toes in a magical sea,
soul thrumming with the song of the waves.
My sign, my element, my spirit's home:
Mother Ocean.

Above, the sky, the air, the vast expanse,
curving over all
the great blue bowl of aether,
underfoot, the earth, brown and humble
and mothering.

I bow to you, Sky, I sing with you, Wind,
I dance in the rain, laughing
at the great clap of thunder,
feel the rushing whoosh of wind on my face,
raindrops falling on my spirit,
cleansing me anew,
healing the riven places, washing
all negative energy away.

When I am clean, 
when the Great Bowl Above grows dark,
I creep homeward, 
settle beside a crackling fire,
remember the winking stars, 
the great wheeling seabirds,
wonder at the beauty gracing this span of time 
that is still mine.

To the earth I bow, in gratitude, 
in homecoming. 
It waits to receive me
when that final moment comes,
when I will become one
with All That Is.

First, there was water,
at the end
only earth and sky.

One from December 2015, posted for Real Toad's Tuesday Platform, since I am Without Muse at the moment. Hoping April will kick it into gear! 


  1. The first two lines are powerful.

  2. Such deep resonates, in your words, Sherry, that speaks, on many levels of one's soul and the journey that you have taken, to arrive there.

  3. One of my favourite of your poems, Sherry. I adore the opening lines and how you lead us through the process to the final stanza. Such a memorable poem.

  4. A beautiful gratitude rings from your poem Sherry....this is a glorious yet humble poem....truly magnificent!

  5. I envision a free spirit here, Sherry. Your life?
    I did stumble a bit here on your first bowl. For early radio buffs the characteristics of that "great blue bowl of aether" were very important in propagation.

  6. It seems you and I have been thinking about the Elements these days... Love this earthy journey, Sherry.

    I suspect your muse is just getting ready for April, when she'll feed us all kinds of yummy poetry. ♥

  7. Thank you Sherry for writing this beautiful poem. I am using it to inspire my next painting.

  8. This is a lovely, meditative poem. Such a beautiful prayer of gratitude to nature's powers.
    I wouldn't worry. Your muse just needs a little rest sometimes. Mine is dormant too. It takes me forever to get a few thoughts down. But... I'm sure this happened to the great known poets too. Didn't it?

  9. While reading this experiencing heavy rains and thunderstorms here good mood setting for this read.

  10. Always a favorite theme for me. :)

  11. Oh my this is beautiful..It is a zen piece, a connection to the elements. You are so connected to nature. Again I am blessed.

  12. I like the feeling of thankfulness that you have expressed in this poem!


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