Saturday, September 12, 2015

Not Time Yet

This beautiful picture was created for me by
Thanks so much, Steve!

We were traveling together
when you took the turning
where the Disappeared go,
and are seen no more.
I could not follow. The way was barred.
Still, I continued walking,
carrying your soul with me
in a small wooden box,
hidden under my cape,
held close to my heart.

When I tire, and falter, 
am tempted to turn back,
I can hear you thumping inside your box.
You will not let me 
abandon the journey.

(Asleep, she found herself 
crossing a barren desert.
There was a river ahead,
and she could hear voices, singing,
coming around the bend.
They were coming to get her,
but then she came back into her body.
Not time, yet.)

Death is a river, turbulent, roaring
through time-worn rock-walled chasms
green with weeping.
It dashes our brains out on the rocks
so the eagles may feed,
then settles us, lighter and relieved 
of our earthly burden,
in rippled ponds along the shore,
where beaver and wolves
may find us.
I will meet you there
at twilight
on the last day.

At midnight, a ghostly specter
glides mistily along the shore.
She is beckoning,
but I pretend that I am blind.
She is calling.
I pantomime that I am deaf
and cannot hear.
Not time, yet.

These words are a pathway
between the time when you were here
and now.
They are as full of your absence
as my heart. 
I am still traveling.
You always did go before me on the path.
I am getting just a little closer.

Not time, yet. Not yet.

One from 2014 for the Poetry Pantry at Poets United - where there is always good reading on a Sunday morning.


  1. it is tough when we lose a travel companion and friend and have to walk the path alone... good on carrying the memories and soul to feel close again

  2. This is a special poem for a special person and I felt that throughout. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  3. Wow!
    "They are as full of your absence
    as my heart.
    I am still traveling.
    You always did go before me on the path."
    Splendid! And I also love the image of death as the living water change from swift river to calm pools:
    "It dashes our brains out on the rocks
    so the eagles may feed,"
    Here is a place you don't usually go, but I found it reassuring. I love the awareness of thoughts lived in the absence between the dog's departure and the meeting by the pool of hereafter.

  4. No, it is not time yet. You have described both the journey and death itself with an artistic touch. And, yes, I am sure he will be there waiting....

  5. The thought of walking on separate roads, death might be calling, but I think we will know when it's time for us...

  6. Life begins by walking toward its ending. You have captured that journey well. I feel your spirit guide is always with you.

  7. "Not time, yet. Not yet."...I like the journey, destination and the soul waiting...I so resonate...

  8. I still talk to my faithful dog companion gone 30 years now, he still walks with me.

  9. Beautiful and heartfelt. Love the picture too.

  10. nice picture and well written as always!

  11. No not time yet - she is watching..looking over you now as she did then..i couldn't help but think that life can sometimes dash our brains out on the rocks too...maybe that's way the forest can seem so hard at times and the alternative both frightening and tempting..and a beautiful image too

  12. you have written about real companionship so lovingly. he's gone, but he's always around, to guide and protect.
    a very moving piece of work, Sherry.

  13. "You always did go before me on the path". Oh, now I'm going to cry. That line reminds me so much of my Sundance, that I know exactly what you mean. What a beautiful picture someone made for you, too, to go with this incredible poem. I wish I could have this framed to place on the wall over my computer. In fact, if you don't mind, I'll copy it out and do that.

  14. Yes, Sherry, a friend will always be there even in memory. A close friend long gone may be watching over us, human or otherwise!


  15. absolutely resonating to my soul as it connects to the universal spirit. your journey is my journey only difference is that yours is yours mine is mine.

    this piece along with how you overlaid/superimposed 'Pups' sillouette
    helps me deal with my present exodus experience with my bo,y jules

    gracias mi amiga

    1. just to qualify...yours is yours mine is mine is in relation to this mundane existence because i think we'll agree that ultimately all is 'one'.

  16. These words are a pathway
    between the time when you were here
    and now.

    Such a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Pup.. I adore that picture.. it seems like a shining silhouette of him. Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  17. Not the time yet to go Sherry ~ I love the picture and verses searching for that final destination where love waits ~

  18. Love your use of the word "Disappeared"... for there is a sense of invisibility that comes with death--the flesh of those we love goes, but the feelings stay... alive in the "box" of our hearts.


  19. Your poems always give me a new perspective on life, death, spirituality, etc. This one is no different. Thank you for this.

  20. Stunning and love the repetition as mantra and motivation of "not time yet" I love the image of the box under the cape - it shall stay with me

  21. What a beautiful picture to go with your lovely poem, Sherry. Dogs are such faithful companions and best friends. No wonder you miss him so much, and I love the image of him walking ahead of you, leading the way.

  22. always enjoy reading your poems about your passed pet.

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  23. no, it is not time yet...your companion was and is so dear to you but, he still travels with you in your heart always. I saw an amazing white Alaskan Husky yesterday...He came over to me and I knelt to look into his eyes so beautiful one blue and one brown..such a gentle spirit within..

  24. Thank you, my friends, for your kind words. That wonderful picture that Steve created for me contains everything I so love and miss. I will visit there soon for some beach walks, to fill up my soul with the sound and sight of the sea. I will carry Pup's leash with me, so he can come too, as he so loved to do.

  25. Oh, Sherry! This is breathtaking!

  26. The picture is just magical...such a sweet image to accompany these heart wrenching words....our greatest losses linger with us, as we move along the path with our loved ones following it is not time yet to join them. Thank you Sherry for sharing this with has helped me with my grief that still lingers.

  27. A beautiful tribute to your furry travelling companion, rendered with such tenderness and poignancy. The picture is wonderful. A lovely post, Sherry.

  28. Beautiful and very mythic, my friend,


  29. Our companions would want us to finish even when they can't.

  30. this was mystifyingly expressed. i love the feeling i got from reading it. good write!!!

  31. I am sad for the loss, happy you still carry a bit of them and that they keep you to the path. Our pups make wonderful companions along the way, sometimes tighter than family. It is a very cool picture.


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