Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Wake Slowly

I wake slowly into my old age,
into my room full of books and morning tea,
into my yard full of horses and dogs 
and trees and blue sky.
My door stays open to birdsong
and the cooling  breezes of autumn.
Dogs wander in and out, with loving eyes 
and lolling tongues.

I breathe in this morning 
of my inevitable evening,
grateful before nightfall for the many gifts
of being alive on the planet.
I relish fall as if it is my last,
aware that winter's icy blasts 
will surely follow,
that snow and ice will cover
the summer garden.

Outside, busy, hurried life swoops by.
Inside, the silence is thick and syrupy,
dripping into my psyche
like a single drop
into a pool that ripples outwards
towards the sea that is you,
on the other side of this screen.

I travel nowhere, yet visit the world
by tapping the magic keys of my kingdom.
Each day is a gift, whose slow pace I relish.
I only want more and more
of these long, slow,
sweetly meandering  days.
Boredom is never an issue.


  1. Waking slowly to oneself - the greatest gift..perhaps shared with others through words..what could be better...a beautiful piece full of comfort and most imoiortantly you

  2. lovely, mi amiga. i too wander the world, the forests, the seas with my eyes with my pen. sometimes others join me in my journey which makes it fun because we live in each others eyes, in each others creative script. the presence of ennui is sometimes unavoidable yet can be assuaged by music.

    gracias mi amiga

  3. My door stays open to birdsong
    and the cooling breezes of autumn.

    It certainly is a good thing to open one's mind lest it might find things restricted longer than expected. Truly said Sherry!


  4. Beautiful poem expressing contentment and gratitude for your long slow days.May you have many of them.

  5. Ok, lets be honest. The babysitting has not allowed you to wake at your own pace has it? Haha. I long for that day to wake when I want and not because I have to. I have so many books to read and things I want to do but as I told Rosemary, those days seem to be so far off from now. Peaceful.

  6. I only want more and more
    of these long, slow,
    sweetly meandering days.

    This is so true... there comes a time in life when one can just sit back and relish the sweet moments which life has to offer. Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  7. "I travel nowhere, yet visit the world
    by tapping the magic keys of my kingdom."
    This is no time for boredom. Life passes by way too quickly!

  8. I love the way you keep from being bored, Sherry. You have too active a mind and too much of an interest in things, people, books, movies, places to ever not have things to do. May you have many more of those non-boring days ahead of you.

  9. What others see as boredom can in fact be quiet contemplation, satisfaction for the life you have and even contentment that you are happy now.

  10. "Inside, the silence is thick and syrupy,
    dripping into my psyche
    like a single drop"...aah..the taste of ambrosia this is Sherry...i Love that contentment in every word...

  11. Oh, beautifully said. Yes, every day alive on the planet is indeed a gift.

  12. This is wonderful.. somehow, when you are in the right gentle surroundings being bored is not bad.. maybe boredom is just an opportunity.

  13. I simply adore these lines, Sherry

    "I breathe in this morning
    of my inevitable evening"

    Will take an inspiration from so I will never get bored :-)

  14. good - I gave up on boredom long ago. I love the image of the roaming dogs. Best go take mine out right now.

  15. You have such a composed and peaceful heart, sherry. What a blissful House you have!!. I don't mind having a room like that.... almost on the lap of nature amidst other exotic birds and animals!! Beautiful poetry.

  16. Oh Sherry, how i love this poem. I am the ocean on the other side of the screen, accepting your gifts. Thank you. I know what you mean about boredeom not being an issue. My current, aging, tranquil life is devoid of boredom too.

  17. I too love this poem it reads as a meditation, an incantation, an inspiration. Beautiful

  18. A slow meandering day is a wonderful thing you have the time to enjoy it.

  19. Never thought of silence as a syrupy fluid, at least not until now ! But if silence is precious, to be savored for every moment of its existence, I would rather have it crunchy, with generous dollops of that honey drip haha!

  20. so true with so many lovely companions and magical keys who can be bored. You do inspire Sherry!!!

  21. There is a feeling of peace and restfulness, gratitude with one's lot in this poem, Sherry. Who indeed has time get bored if one is blessed with such a life? Good one!


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