Tuesday, September 26, 2023



Renee Baker Carruthers
1918 - 1994

She had a heroic heart; she made
the hero's journey: forged in 
love and courage, honed by
loss and pain - forever hopeful.

"When times get tough,
we circle the wagons," she always said,
and of tough times
there were plenty.

She was always there, to support,
to encourage, to help. 
She bought my children and me
our little house,
so we could have a safe place
to live, somewhere
to plant our
wobbly roots, the home
in which my children grew
and then, too fast,
from which they flew.

They remember her pulling up
out front in her black LTD.
They'd spill out the door 
- one two three four -
to unload the groceries and produce
and goodies
piled in the trunk - a largesse
we only experienced
at those times.

Now that I am so
old and tired, I imagine
how tired she must have been,
doing all that helping
after so many hard years
of her own,
being there for my kids 
in their unhappy times,
when she should have
finally been less burdened.

"Too soon old, too late smart,"
my dad always said, and he was right.
How is it mothers never
get the thanks they deserve
until it is too late
for them to hear?

for Sumana's prompt at What's Going On? Mother.


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  2. Yes, indeed, the older we get the more understanding there is for our mothers and all they went through, often in circumstances more challenging than ours. There can never be enough thanks to the mothers who never stop caring!

  3. How blessed you were to have such a wonderful generous and glamorous mother. Tis true they never get the thanks they deserve until it's too late. Heartfelt poem........Rall

  4. Your mother was a beautiful woman, Sherry. I like that saying, "When times get tough, we circle the wagons." I know we appreciate our mothers more the older we get, often after they are gone.....and we no longer can say thank you. And the same will be true for us as mothers as well, I am sure. Sigh!

  5. Oh, did this ever strike a cord. A lovely tribute to a good woman. Your father sounds wise, as well. Too little too late. Did I tell her I love her?

  6. A wonderful tribute poem to a very loving woman/mother! That caregiving may well have been her ministry, so in blessing you and yours she was blessed.

  7. A beautiful homage to your mother Sherry. She indeed was a happy and a very strong soul and a big shelter for everyone who needed it. In the lines we could see her vividly. Beautiful, Sherry.

  8. Sounds like a terrific woman who had a big heart and lots of courage. A lovely tribute, Sherry.

  9. "Too soon old, too late smart,"
    my dad always said, and he was right. Wonderful tribute to a powerhouse of a mother... Reading about her support I think of a tall oak tree and all of you the acorns beneath ... and you... you.... I understand your strength and compassion so much more profoundly seeing from where you sprang. Bravo to your mother for gifting all that she did and for gifting us with you.... May her name continue to be a blessing as it most certainly is.

  10. A beautiful poem! You say it so well! A Mother true! annell livingston SomethingsIthinkabout-annell-annell.blogspot.com

  11. Your mother had many wonderful qualities and you gave her and them a place of honor.


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