Thursday, November 4, 2021



Peace, a state of being
whose time has come:
for heart-shattered humans,
all over this suffering world,
for starving salmon, whales,
wolves and bears,
for old growth trees, the Ancient Ones,
falling to satisfy corporate greed
in a time of accelerating climate crisis.

May we hear the wisdom
of indigenous elders, who are warning us
to change our ways -
we, in our daily choices,
governments in the tough legislation 
it will take courage for them to pass,
corporations in realizing
you can't breathe, eat or drink money.

May all remember
that every being on this earth
just wants to live.

Peace is Possible.

Well. It is a big wish we bloggers have every year, along with  Mimi Lenox and her annual Blogblast for Peace.

It takes courage to keep believing in times like these. But we are poets and words are what we have, so we use them in hopes they will add some positive energy to the universe - and send some love to the beings in the natural world who are suffering, unable to ask us to stop torturing Mother Earth. Peace, my friends, as this tired but beautiful old world turns and turns.


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  2. Beautiful poem. Can I share it (with credit of course)?
    I believe! Peace blessings to you! ☮

  3. Certainly, Tink. We have to keep believing.

  4. Beautiful thoughts and words. We hope Peace becomes more contageous than Covid and we hope Peace spreads everywhere quickly.

    1. Brian - You win the comment of the day award!

    2. Brian, you sure did win the comment of the day!

  5. Your poetry is soothing and relevant to the planet we call Home. The old growth forest...ancient trees...they sky...the have a visceral connection to them. It shines in your words. Thank you for blogging peace with us today. We are honored to know you.

  6. Amen! That was beautiful. Made me feel better. Thank you.

    Going to add what I replied on my blog, to you. same for me! I child of the 60s, with so much optimism. I'm 2000, thought a new millennium would be the start of great things. Ha :\ At this stage I'm at a very my lowest ever level of faith in humanity. Which, sadly, is why I'm putting myself first now.

  7. Lovely. Maybe one day peace will come. Probably not in my lifetime, alas. But we can hope!

  8. Dona Nobis Pacem to you and yours. May the coming year be filled with peace.

  9. Beautiful, Sherry@. Yes, we have to believe. Who knows!

  10. Beautiful poem. There's a chance peace will come in our life, please buy one.

  11. Pease be to you, Sherry. You have always been an advocate for peace, welfare, and preservation of our world as long as I have known you. May it come "all over this suffering world."
    Been missing you lately, come visit again (thanks for tonight) and give us more of your word magic. Night, night.

  12. Yes! Now. A contagion of peace is due/do.

  13. I still believe, Sherry, even though the cynic in me is crying out 'we're doomed' when I read of 'delegates' (i.e. lobbyists) at COP26 from the fossil fuel industry... I can't just give up and let them win!

  14. Trudeau was so fake too, looking sternly, talking about what must be done. Canada funnels 12 billion a year into the fossil fuel industry and FOUR for climate crisis. Yup. Hollow words.


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