Friday, August 29, 2014

No Other Way to Get There

Middle of the Rocky Mountains, Western Canada
photo by Jon Merk

The eyes rise up to see the beauty,
bathe the soul in wonder, but the feet -
the feet know what to do.
They just keep walking:
one step, another step,
the cliff-side steep, 
the trail roughshod,
chest tight from not enough air,
feet slip-sliding on the stones,
pain, agony, wonder,
no other way to get there -
no easy path.
Occasionally there will be
a jutting branch to grasp
to stop from sliding back,
 plunging over.
Catch your breath -
that was close!
Whew! Still alive.

The mountains call.
We answer.

Resting on the precipice,
shoes off to ease the pain,
the unthinkable:
one boot topples over, end over end,
into the forest far below.
The other may as well go too.
Barefoot, we rise and walk again.
There is no other way to get there,
one footstep at a time,
eyes raised in wonder
to the peaks.

for Hannah's Transforming Friday with nature's wonders prompt at Real Toads: to write about a mountain. Do check the other links, there are some fantastic responses to this prompt, as there always are, at Toads!

Clayoquot Sound Haiku

Kids, last night I read This Dark, a small book of haiku about Clayoquot Sound, written by my friend Joanna Streetly. Joanna lives in a floathouse in Tofino harbor, the lucky girl.......and writes so beautifully. She used the teikei form of haiku, which uses the 5-7-5 syllablic count. After reading, my mind began writing some myself, so I offer them here, as this morning's exercise:

Wolf Spirit, your call
from your misty mountain lair
sends my soul keening

footprints in the sand
my heart follows where they lead
till I'm home again

bonsai in the bog
a little touch of Asia
in Clayoquot Sound

shore birds on the sand
lift and dart and land as one 
I watch in awe

in the following I tried 7-5-7

Luna leaves as Sol arrives
Sun and Moon - same sky
little boat chugs happily

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Soul Song

South Beach Wild

My soul sang a song in the deep of night.
It cried from the depths of me:
I need to feel the sand on my toes
and hear the song of the sea.

I long to breathe in the tangy air,
walk along the shore in the fog,
watch the raven fly, hear the eagle's cry,
watch the waves from a driftwood log.

I need to feel the west wind on my face,
in the place where my soul flies free,
for nothing and no where else can replace
the one port that says Home to me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wild Woman Goes Out

helpful sign found on google

Wild Woman ventures out at night.
It's getting kind of scary
is the world really ready
for an out-at-night Sherry?

She teeters on hilly edges,
others clutching at her cape
to keep her from falling over
as she stands with mouth agape.
"Look at all the pretty stars!"
as she slides down the cliff,
pretends she meant to go that way,
it's really fun. As if.

There's a sign on the balcony
but she's too blind to see.
The folks below just catch Wild Woman
finally flying free.

A Ms Magoo kinda heart,
in a benign world ever funny,
Wild Woman cannot see the gray.
She keeps her  blue skies  sunny. 

Now she's out in the orchard
dancing - skip skip skip -
there's many a sorry stumble twixt
the high-step  and the flip.

Follow fools into the meadow.
Let's all hoot at the owl,
dance with the chickens,
both fair-weather and fowl.

Smiling grimly 'top the steering wheel
and blinded by the light:
"Officer, I'm not impaired,
I just dont have any sight."
Wild Woman rarely drives at night,
because she knows she's blind.
Thank God the policeman
was Canadian, and kind.

Each little touch of pixie dust
gets followed by an "ouch!"
I think it's safer keeping
Wild Woman on the couch.

The policeman stanza is what happened LAST time I tried an evening out. Hee hee.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Happiest Day of Their Lives


It was wonderful, kids! A day full of love and laughter. This is my Sunshine Girl, Stephanie. All her life, she has been my sunshine.

With Gord, as the vows are read out :
"This hand you are holding today is the same hand that
you will reach for in good times and bad....."

Listening with her heart......

A forever vow..........

Mr. and Mrs.

My fave photo from that day
See the beautiful woods all around their house?
Deer showed up at the wedding,
and eagles circled, a very promising sign.

Stephanie and her wild mother,
who refuses to be tamed

Cutting the cake

The Dance

So much love

And let us not forget the doggies
who were part of the ceremony
and the entire celebration.
They got pretty tired, but didnt want to miss a thing.
This is Sanchez.

Here is Chloe, as regal as any dowager,
already tired but refusing to buckle.

All good things must come to an end. So sad!
Stephanie sent me this photo of Sanchez, 
who loves me a lot, and who was sad when I left,
looking balefully through the gate.
This shot almost made me cry!

It was a day full of love and laughter, it rejuvenated my heart, and made me deeply happy.

Steph and Gord live outside the city surrounded by forest, and near a small lake. It is a heavenly spot, a perfect location for a small wedding, and gave me a dose of the forest, which I have been missing. That night, I dreamed of the sea, with such longing. I woke up knowing I must get there soon for an injection of the Wild.

Steph and Gord, I wish you every good thing. May the happiness you feel today be yours for many decades to come. 

Sky Dreaming

you adorn yourself this morning
with picture-perfect puffy cloud-babies,
as if you are off to
a summer lawn party
in your best blue billowy dress. 
In this on-going celebration
of nature's beauty,
you take pride of place.
Thank you for keeping me
Always Looking Up!

I am back, kids, and the wedding was perfect and  glorious! I will blog it once my daughter okays some photos. I have some puppy shots I will blog later today. I am of course so Behind online I am stressed, but the Life-Swallower pounced the minute I returned. Babysat yesterday, babysitting today. Sigh. It will take me the rest of this week, I think, to do all that needs doing, so please bear with me.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Road Trip!

Sproat Lake from Heart of Vancouver Island

Hi kids! I am off on a short  road trip down-Island, to witness the small lakeside wedding of my youngest daughter, Stephanie, to her fiance Gord. Their two puppies will be decked out in wedding finery. I expect to have some cute photos come Monday.

I'll be back online Monday. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Arial view of my area from Heart of Vancouver Island