Monday, July 30, 2018

When I Come Back, I Will Be Grief, Part II

We start out whole,
losing pieces of ourselves 

along the way,

and then reclaiming them. 
That is the journey.
I am collecting the last few bits,
before I fly into the light.
I pick them up:
ah, there you are!
and add them to my pack.

When I return,
I will change my shape.

I will be cattails, 

standing dry, bent and broken
at the edge of the dried-up pond.
I will be wolf-pup, 
peering fearfully
from my den,
knowing, to survive,
I must elude
Earth’s biggest enemy:
the predatory Two-Leggeds,
and they are

I fear
I will find a planet burning,

humans and animals 

on the run.
I will be Tree,
gasping for air,
a sudden irradiation
as the orange tongues
lick greedily at my corpse.
I will be lizard,
parching on the earth's
baked crust.

I will be deer,
fleeing the flaming forests.
I will be mother orca, holding 
my dead newborn calf 
above the water
for seventeen days, grieving,
unable to let her go,
saying to the humans:

See! See what you have done!

I will be grief itself,
watching the planet
that I love

burning itself up.

As I am now.
As I am now.

I woke in the night and had further thoughts on the poem I wrote the other day, so I re-wrote it from another angle. Earth grief. I am filled with it. Humankind took the wrong turning. Is it already too late to turn back?

I will be sharing this with the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads.


  1. A very powerful poem, Sherry. Horrible to contemplate and to see currently too. Just awful in real life, but very strong here as poetry. Thanks for your kind comment. I'm sorry my life has been a bit out of control with work so slow to visit. k.

  2. Sigh. Reading this, Sherry, my mind drifts to the accusation that one of the biggest grass fire of this year, was caused by man, over the termination of green energy contract by the Progressive Conservative government of Doug Ford. May his name be cursed.

  3. This world on fire thing is very very scary!

  4. That image of the orca is burnt into my brain now.. heart rending.

  5. The image of mother orca, her grief, her lifeless babe... breaks my heart.

  6. Oh this is heartbreaking Sherry 😥 I fear for the times to come.

  7. expressed so well...will there be any medicine for this grief...? Let this grief be contagious and find an antidote...

  8. Oh, that orca story broke my heart and your poem stems from the same grief of the living in the throes of destruction at the hand of humanity. This is so sad, and yet it seems that that's where we are headed.

  9. She is still carrying her baby, 7 days later. This means she is not eating. Her pod is staying with her. At a distance, some whale researchers are standing by, heartbroken. They fear she might be lost as well. Orcas are struggling to survive, here on the coast. Where trudeau plans to ram a pipeline through.

  10. This is heartbreaking... and we dare to call it progress.

  11. Oh that orca and her baby! It seems we both wrote about the same thing in different ways. I am a cynic. I say let the human race disappear.

  12. Still relevant as today Sherry ~ Too tragic about that mother orca and the dead baby she is floating, unable to let go.

  13. I have to say, I also like how you've rewritten this from the "earth" perspective - it speaks equally heart-wrenching for the mourning, for the loss - and damn, if I can't get the visuals of the mother orca outta my head .... I mean from what I've read, it's normal for them to do this, but it still kills to bear witness to this.

  14. Ouch. It is with great sadness I see these things. Thank goodness for people lending voice where they can do we know that there is empathy and concern. Great piece of writing Sherry.

  15. Your grief is shared by many Sherry. May your voice be heard around the world....and may people start to listen!!

  16. I will be grief itself,
    watching the world I love
    burning itself up

    Yes, it is already happening and progressing happily burning in little bits. Net result will see struggles for survival all fighting for the crumbs. It is sad, Man is unconcerned until it is too late! Good to bring it up Sherry!


  17. Erm...there is a school of thought that this is not a dress rehearsal and you will not be returning. Best sit with wolf dog on a cloud ,strumming your harp enjoying your new set of wings in peace an harmony :)

  18. I enjoyed the read, Sherry. I'll pick the deer, I used to feel like one back when I ran. Running in the refreshing rain was the best. Me and the road and fields.

  19. I am crying, grief flowing over. Thank you, thank you. My new favorite poem by you.

  20. Oh, Sherry, I hope it's not too late. It might be, for people our age, but I cry for the little ones born in the chaos that is our world today.

  21. Dearest Sherry, "....they know not what they do." The "they" is us. We have taken the lovelyest planet and trashed it. Perhaps the earth is "sruging." There is no need of humans, we devour everything and leave nothing.

  22. Have you considered that, when you're back, you could be anywhere among the millions of galaxies out there or maybe, somewhere far back in time :)

  23. Sherry... wow. Wow. Thank you for this.


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