Monday, May 9, 2016


Wild Woman once was a damsel in distress,
but no prince scaled the walls 
or slayed a dragon for her.
She waited hopefully for a time,
till eventually a Prince rang
the castle doorbell. 
She surveyed this drooping creature, 
leaning against the doorjamb,
picking his nails,
with some dismay. 
But he was the only one who came
so, with a mental shrug, she let him in.

She had to machete her own way 
through the thicket of thorns
to clear a path for him to travel with ease,
so his clothing wouldn't tear.
She had to  challenge the fiery dragon
while the Prince hid, quaking, behind the curtains
peeping, "Is it gone yet?"

Pretty soon she got tired 
of hunting wild beasts for two,
tired of dragging them back to the fire, 
to skin and roast them,
tired of serving the meal and cleaning up 
all the blood and gore afterward.
She became a vegetarian,
banished Prince Cedric to the Land of Men,
roasted some marshmallows 
in the fire to celebrate,
then retreated to the tower to survey 
her own peaceable kingdom

LOL. Found this in my drafts file and decided it is perfect for this sunny peaceful morning. This is a second use of the phrase "peaceable kingdom", taken from Getting There by David Wagoner, who used the phrase "your own unpeaceable kingdom". Mine is peaceable, so I changed it. Have changed a lot of things over the years. Too late smart, smiles.


  1. Never too late to veer in a different direction! This is a hoot/truth.

  2. This is precious. So glad the damsel got wise. Love this autobiographic piece. Ha.

  3. Sherry, I know many women, who this poem would fit them, to a "t". Thank you, for the humorous way, you have presented it, to us. As the other women have say, never too late, to start life, anew.

  4. Imaginative and Intresting ...right out of children story book

  5. Surveying one's own peaceable kingdom sounds like the best idea of all!


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