Friday, August 6, 2010

A Song of Love

NASA photo
[Article in the Vancouver Sun newspaper, September 14, 1999: Japanese researchers have been studying a mysterious hum emitted by Planet Earth as its geologic and atmospheric events combine to produce a symphony.]

Above ground,
a cacophony of sound:
roar of ocean, mighty wavetops flinging,
thrum of a million songbirds winging,
crickets under raindrops' patter, pinging,
above ground, the song of life,
Earth's creatures, singing.

From deep within
the heart of Mother Earth,
unheard by human ear
yet sensed within its atmosphere,
its thrum so deep,
as present as
our heartbeats in our sleep,
background to its creatures' chorus
up above,
a steady pulse,
like a mother's,
that we attune to,
our planet,
singing us
its Song of Love.

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  1. stunning love poem of nature or universe.
    cool spirits.


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